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Can I just hang my own lanterns?

Technically – Yes, but most clients find it prohibitively expensive compared to renting our package. Let us explain why…

Due to the height of our ceilings, climbing on a tall ladder is required. Due to insurance requirements, any person or vendor hired to climb on a ladder to hang decorations needs to be “on-the-clock” with their employer, and must provide proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance. You may be able to hire catering staff, event decor companies, or florists to do this for you. It is not permitted to have guests, or any other non-insured person climb on ladders to hang decorations.

All decorations that are hung from the ceiling need to be hung before your caterer arrives, as the caterer really can’t set up tables where people are climbing on ladders to hang decorations, and the decorators can’t stand on tables the caterer has set up. Logistically the two tasks don’t work together. All decorating must be done during your rented time, so you would need to purchase any additional decorating time your hired vendor needs to decorate, * usually you would need 2 or 3 additional hours.

At the end of the event, all decorations need to be removed, and usually this can not be done until the caterers have removed the tables, and cleaned up at the end of your event. All decorations must be removed at the end of the event, and can not be left until the next day. Anyone climbing on a ladder to remove decorations must cary Worker’s Compensation insurance, and be “on-the-clock” with their employer. Decoration removal needs to be done during your rented time, so additional time is usually needed to accomplish this task. * Usually at least 1 hour of additional time is necessary.

* Labor times are estimated, and based on how long it generally takes 2 of our in-house employees to hang and remove lanterns. Keep in mind this is something we do on a regular basis, and it may take more time for vendors who do not have as much experience doing this task.

I’ve seen photos of the gallery with paper lanterns, how can I have them for my event?

Rembrandt Yard offers a paper lantern decorating package you may wish to add to your event rental. The package costs $525.00, and includes the rental of up to 100 paper lanterns (You may choose to use fewer if you wish). The lanterns are in a variety of sizes, 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, and 24″ in diameter, and the package uses some in each size to create a more visually interesting look.

We suggest that you choose 3 colors that best compliment your wedding colors from our inventory. The lanterns are available in White, Ivory, Natural, Late, Mocha, Red, Pink, Lavender, Lt. Blue, and Sage. With the rental of the package there is no need to purchase additional time for the lanterns to be hung before your vendors arrive, as Rembrandt Yard’s insured staff will have them hung before your rental time begins. There is no need to purchase any additional time after the event either, as Rembrandt Yard’s staff will remove them at the end of your event after your guests and vendors have left.

You may choose to leave the lanterns un-illuminated for a soft, subtle look, or light some of them for more drama. Illumination of lanterns costs 50¢ each, so you can decide how much drama you would like. We do not suggest illuminating all of them however, as 100 illuminated lanterns are quite bright! The lantern package can be purchased for any full-day rental, and most half-day rentals. Please allow 3 weeks lead time.

Do-It-Yourself Method

Cost of 100 lanterns: ($5 – $8 each) $650.00
Additional decorating time: $500.00
Additional time to remove decorations: $250.00
Labor fees:?
Total: $1,400.00 + Labor

Rembrandt Yard Lantern Package

Cost of 100 lanterns: Included
Additional decorating time: N/A (Done prior to event)
Additional time to remove decorations: N/A
Labor fees: Included
Total: $525.00

Can I hang my own art?

If you have a piece of artwork you wish to display during your event, you can display it on an easel. We have a selection of easels you may use during your event. On the top floor we have 4 movable walls, and if you wish to hang artwork on these walls you may.

What if I want to buy a painting?

If you’d like to purchase a piece of art, just let us know!

Can I move the art in the gallery around?

The process of choosing which pieces hang where is something we put quite a lot of time and effort into. If you wish to move more than a piece or two temporarily, gallery re-hanging fees would apply.

What if I don’t like a particular painting? Can it be moved?

If there is a painting which is not to your liking, we can remove one or two pieces.

Does the art in the gallery remain on the walls for my event?

The art on the gallery walls will remain on the walls, and is available for sale during all events. If you are planning a wedding ceremony at the gallery and want to request that a certain painting be hung on the wall behind you, as it will show up in all your photos, just come in a week before to choose. It is a good idea to make a 1st, as well as 2nd choice, as all artwork is available for sale.

May I combine my deposit and balance into one check?

A minimum of 50% needs to be left as a deposit for your event when you book and contract for your event, but if you want to pay the balance in full when you book the date, you certainly can.

May I pay using a credit card?

Yes, credit cards, personal checks, and cash are accepted.

How far in advance do we need to book?

It all depends on how flexible you are with the date of your event. If you have a very specific day you want, all it takes is one other person who wants the same day you want to make that date unavailable, so to get a specific day we suggest you book earlier rather than taking a chance on waiting and losing the date. Saturdays, and particularly Saturdays in June and September book very quickly!

Is the deposit used towards my event?

Yes, the deposit is 50% of your event fees, and is applied to the fees charged by Rembrandt Yard for your event.

Can you hold a date for me without a deposit?

We can put a “soft hold” on a date for you for 48 hours without a deposit, this way you can check to make sure the date will work for key people involved in your event. If someone else wants to rent that particular date while we have it on “soft hold” for you, we will contact you, and give you 24 hours to decide if you want to put a deposit down on that date, or release your hold on that date. Space is available on a first come, first served basis, and therefore cannot be confirmed without a signed contract and deposit.

Do you offer discounts depending on time of year or time of day?

We have a low season where we offer rates that are a bit lower than our regular rates. The rental rates for January, February, March, and April are lower than the rest of the year.

When will I be billed for my event?

A 50% deposit is put down when the event is booked. The final 50% is due 1 week in advance of the event date. We accept checks, as well as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What if I need to cancel my event, or change the date of my event?

Please make very sure our venue, and the date you book are the ones you definitely want for your event, as deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. When booking an event, a 50% deposit is left to reserve that specific date for you, and effectively takes that date off the market for us. If an event is canceled, often times the date will go un booked, as most events are booked far in advance.

What about plates, glasses, linens?

Plates, glasses, flatware, linens, etc. are all rented with the assistance of your caterer. We work closely with All Events Tent & Party Rentals to provide any rental items you and/or your caterer may need for your event. If the rental provider is All Events, there are no fees charged by Rembrandt Yard for delivery and/or pick-up of rental items.

What if I need additional furniture?

 If you need additional furniture, you can rent the needed items to supplement our rental package. It is possible to rent the exact same style of furniture so any additional pieces will blend in seamlessly with our in-house package. We work closely with All Events Tent & Party Rentals to provide any rental items you and/or your caterer may need for your event. If the rental provider is All Events, there are no fees charged by our facility for delivery and/or pick-up of rental items.

Do you have furniture, or do I need to rent it?

We have an in-house furniture package available for rent. The furniture package is an option, so if you do want to rent something else you can do so, but most people do choose to rent our in-house package. The package includes:
150 Wood (Maple with a clear finish) folding chairs with ivory padded seats.
15 five-foot round tables (Can seat up to 10) 
4 six-foot banquet tables (rectangular)
4 eight-foot banquet tables (rectangular)
4 three-foot round, adjustable height cabaret tables
2 70” portable projection screens
Wireless microphone
A variety of artist’s and flip chart easels are also available upon request. See our interactive room-set map here.

Do you have an approved vendor for rental items?

Your caterer is welcome to use the trash bins located at the back of our facility as long as they sort the trash into the appropriate bins. Recyclables must be separated out, and placed into the recycling containers, and other trash must be bagged and left in the regular trash containers. If caterer does not sort out recyclables, they will need to take the trash with them when they leave. All trash must be removed from the facility at the end of the event.

Can you recommend a good hotel for my guests?

Yes, we work closely with All Events Tent & Party Rentals to provide any rental items you and/or your caterer may need for your event. If the rental provider is All Events, there are no fees charged by Rembrandt Yard for delivery and/or pick-up of rental items If you choose to rent items from another rental company, Rembrandt Yard does charge a fee to schedule and staff delivery and pick-up windows. Your caterer is welcome to bring items they may have rented for your event into the facility with them when they arrive. Items caterers bring in with them must leave with the catering company at the end of the event.

Where can my guests park?

A. Rembrandt Yard does not have a parking garage. There are two, six storied parking garages that are located 1 block from the facility, on-street metered parking, and multiple public lots within easy walking distance. For a map of all nearby parking, both City of Boulder, and privately owned parking structures, click here.

The City of Boulder public parking garages and lots are free on Saturdays, Sundays, and city holidays.

Can my vendors or guests stay later than the rented time?

You must rent the facility for the total time of your event. This time should include all set up, and all clean up time that your vendors will need, as well as the time for the actual event itself. If your guests or vendors stay later than the rented time, you will be billed for any overages. The per-hour rates stated on your contract will apply to any overage time. Check with your caterer to see exactly how much time they will need to clean up after your event. Generally caterers will need an hour of time after all of your guests have left to clean the facility.

Can I drop off my cake, desserts, or food the day before my event?

No, Since Rembrandt Yard is host to many events, generally all of our space is being used by our clients for their own events, and more often than not, the facility will be in use on the day before your event. Rembrandt Yard does not have walk-in refrigerators, so if you have large items check with your caterer, sometimes your caterer can store/refrigerate oversize items for you.

When can I start having my vendors make deliveries?

Your vendors can start making deliveries after your rental time has begun. Any deliveries that occur outside of your rental time must be pre-arranged with Rembrandt Yard.

Do I need to take everything with me at the end of the night, or can I just come back for it the next day?

You will need to make arrangements to have everything removed with you at the end of your event. Since we have limited storage space, and so many events, we can not store things for you. The only item that can be left for pick up is unopened alcohol scheduled for pick up by the liquor store it was ordered from. Arrangements for pick ups by liquor stores must be made in advance, and will need to occur during our normal business hours.

Do you have a place to refrigerate kegs?

We do not have a walk-in cooler, or a refrigerated space to store kegs. Arrangements for delivery of kegs should be made so that they are delivered after your rental time has begun. Most liquor stores will deliver kegs, as well as the buckets to hold the ice needed to keep them cold, to our facility for you. You do not have to order ice however, as we have an ice machine at our facility. Rembrandt Yard will not accept deliveries of bagged ice.

How big is the oven in your warming kitchen?

The oven in our warming kitchen is a standard residential sized gas oven. Full sized caterers sheets do not fit in our oven, but half-sheets do. There is an oven, microwave, and refrigerator on each floor of the facility. you, or your caterers will have use of the kitchen/s only on the floors you have rented.

Can I have an ice sculpture?

Yes, but due to the potential of water damage to our hardwood floors, ice sculptures need to be pre-approved, and a detailed plan for their installation, drainage, and removal needs to be be in place before ice sculptures are allowed in the facility.

What type of events do you host?

Your caterer is welcome to use the trash bins located at the back of our facility as long as they sort the trash into the appropriate bins. Recyclables must be separated out, and placed into the recycling containers, and other trash must be bagged and left in the regular trash containers. If caterer does not sort out recyclables, they will need to take the trash with them when they leave. All trash must be removed from the facility at the end of the event.

Are candles allowed at Rembrandt Yard?

Rembrandt Yard is host to a variety of events, including: Weddings, Receptions, Commitment Ceremonies, Rehearsal Dinners, Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Meetings, Fund Raising Events, Conferences, Holiday Parties, Networking Events, Memorial Services, Dance Lessons, Trade Shows, High School Proms…

Can I decorate the day before the wedding?

All decorating must be done during your rental time. If you wish to rent the gallery the day before your wedding, we could rent the gallery to you for both days, although renting the gallery for a full day (Up to 12 consecutive hours) generally allows for plenty of time to decorate. Rembrandt Yard offers several decorating packages. We have a Paper Lantern decor package, the details can be found here.

Do you allow rice, bubbles, glitter, silly string, birdseed?

We want to avoid anything that could be dangerous to public safety, the environment, and to the art work in the gallery, therefore the above mentioned items are not allowed at our venue.

Can I store the materials for my event at Rembrandt Yard?

No, Rembrandt Yard is host to many events, and we do not offer storage space at our facility. Your items should arrive with you, or be delivered after your rental time begins. Items may not be left overnight to be picked up at a later date, and must leave with your party at the end of your event.

I have family in town I’d like to bring by Rembrandt Yard. Can we just drop in?

Rembrandt Yard is open to the public Wednesday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM, unless we have an event in progress. Since we host quite a few events, it is advisable for you to call ahead of time to confirm that an event will not be taking place when you wish to come by. If the gallery is closed for a private event, you will not be able to come in.

Do you decorate for the holidays? When do decorations go up?

Right around Thanksgiving, Rembrandt Yard puts up white “icicle lights” outside on the balcony, and decorates two small evergreen trees on either side of the front entrance. We also hang simple strands of white lights around the windows on the second floor. Since there are such a wide variety of events during the holiday season (November – January) we keep things simple, so the decor will fit with the decorating plans for all of our events.

How long has Rembrandt Yard been hosting events?

Rembrandt Yard started renting our gallery space for events in early 2005.

Can the Gallery be open during my event?

The gallery is closed to the public during the time you have rented the facility, and on all floors that you have rented. If you have rented both floors, they will both be closed to the public. If you have rented only one floor, the other floor would be open to the public during our regular hours of operation. Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

What is your smoking policy?

By city ordinance, there is no smoking allowed in our facility.

Can I set up a coat check?

Rembrandt Yard has coat racks you may use for your event.

How large is your facility?

There are two floors available for rent at Rembrandt Yard. The top floor is the largest with 3,500 square feet of space. The bottom floor has 3,000 square feet of rental space. Floor plans with measurements can be found here.

We are having our ceremony at Rembrandt Yard, can I get dressed for my Wedding Ceremony there?

Yes. We have a few rooms that work very well as a bridal suite. There is a large room on the top floor that has privacy shades and a back entrance that is perfect as a bridal suite, or a staging area for wedding ceremonies. There are several smaller rooms on the bottom floor that can be used for wedding preparation as well.

What if I want to add extra time to my event?

Additional hours may be added to your rental time. Your contract states the charge for additional hours. Renting additional hours with Rembrandt Yard does not include the fees your caterer may charge for additional time, so please check with your caterer for any fees they may have for extending the time of your event.

Is there a separate fee if we have the wedding ceremony at Rembrandt Yard?

Rembrandt Yard does not charge a fee for ceremonies. If you have already rented the facility, you can choose to use your rental time however you choose.

How late can my event run?

Your event can go on as long as you have rented the facility. There are a few restrictions concerning alcohol service that should be kept in mind though. Alcohol service must end 30 minutes prior to the end of your event, or at 1:30 AM, which ever comes first, and alcohol may not be served for more than 5 consecutive hours.

How many bathrooms are in your facility?

There are 2 bathrooms on each floor, and all restrooms are handicap accessible.

What is the lighting like?

The gallery is lit with frosted, full spectrum, halogen track lighting, specifically chosen because frosted bulbs do not cast harsh shadows. This type of lighting tends to make people, as well as artwork, look much nicer. We do not use florescent lighting, or harsh halogen lighting that is so often used in other galleries or museums. All lights are grouped into zones, and controlled by dimmer switches, allowing you to adjust the lighting in each section of the facility. Leave the lights up for a bright sun drenched afternoon event, or dim them down to a soft warm glow.

How do I schedule a wedding rehearsal?

Rembrandt Yard has a minimum rental time of 5 hours for advanced bookings. Often times, people do not need 5 hours of rental time to have a ceremony rehearsal, so we suggest contacting us a few weeks before your event to see what times are available. There are often windows of time which are still available in between scheduled events, and if you book your rehearsal 14 days or less prior to your wedding/reception, the facility can be rented for only a single hour or two.

If I rent just one floor, will there be another event on the other floor?

Yes, it is possible that there may be another event happening on another floor of the event center. We do try to pair up compatible events so there will be less chance of distraction.

Will I need to rent both floors, or only one?

Often times this depends on the size and set-up of your event. You can accommodate up to 600 people on both floors, and up to 300 people on a single floor for a cocktail party style event (Standing only, no tables or seating). Up to 225 for a seated dinner on a single floor, and up to 150 people on a single floor for a seated reception that leaves half of the room available for mingling, dancing, etc. You can find different examples of room-sets here.

What is the difference between a half day, and a full day?

A full day rental is the most flexible schedule, and is perfect for someone who wants to be able to spend time on more elaborate decorations, would like to use the gallery for formal family and wedding portraits before the event, or wants to have a longer event that starts earlier in the afternoon. You and/or your vendors can access the facility as early as 11:00 AM. You can have up to 12 consecutive hours of time in the facility, and can use up to 6 hours of the day for actual event time. (It is possible to arrange for an earlier start time for a full-day rental, as long as it is done in advance.)

A half day rental is perfect for someone who wants an event starting earlier in the morning, or later in the evening, and is not planning an event with a very elaborate set-up. A half day morning event can start at any time in the morning, as long at the event is over by 3:00 PM, and clean up is finished by 4:00 PM. A half day evening event can start anytime after 4:00 PM, and consists of up to 7 consecutive hours of rental time. Generally 2 hours are reserved for caterers to set up, 4 hours for actual event time, and 1 hour of clean-up time after all of your guests have left. Additional hours may be purchased to extend your event.

What time does my event need to end?

When you rent the Gallery at Rembrandt Yard you are renting a block of time, usually either a half-day or a full day. Your event set-up, actual event time, and event clean-up all needs to take place during your rented time. We do not necessarily have time restrictions on when your event needs to end, instead you rent the time you want. Of course all State and Federal laws must be followed, and drinking does need to stop at 1:30 AM, but you could rent the space quite late into the evening if you so desired.

Do you have audio/visual equipment for picture and slide shows?

We have two 70” portable projector screens available, which can be set up on either floor. We have four 8’x 8’ movable walls that are available on the top floor which can be used as projection screens if you require a very large surface for projections. We do not provide laptops or projectors. If you wish to rent a projector for a slide show or power point presentation, we have an audio/visual vendor listed on our recommended vendor list that may be found by clicking here.

We offer an in-house 42″ Flat-screen TV which is available for rent at the rate of $50.00 per day. Often times this is significantly less expensive than renting a projector, and requires much less space to set up. This modern alternative to the slide-show is a popular option, and recommended when a large guest count is expected, and space is at a premium.

How late can music at my event be played?

Rembrandt Yard is located in a commercial district, so we do not have have time constraints on when music must end.

Can our DJ or band plug their equipment into your in-house sound system?

No, our in-house sound system may only be used with our in-house CD player, XM radio, wireless microphone, and i-pod jack. DJ’s and bands will need to bring their own sound equipment with them.

What type of sound system do you have?

We have an in-house stereo system with an i-pod input jack, a 5-disc CD player, XM satellite radio, and a wireless microphone. There are speakers built into the ceiling on both floors of the facility.

What types of entertainment can I have? A band? A DJ?

A band, or a DJ are great entertainment options, and both are welcome in our facility. We also have an in-house sound system, so you may bring in CD’s or an i-pod, and we offer XM Satellite radio as well. We have an electronic baby grand piano available that may be used at events.

Where can I get ice?

Rembrandt Yard has an ice machine at our facility, so there is no need to order ice. Please tell your caterer and/or liquor store that deliveries of ice are not accepted, as we do not have walk-in freezers to store bags of ice. Our ice machine makes 1200 lbs. of ice per day, so there will be plenty of fresh ice available for your event.

Can we serve keg beer?

Yes, you can serve keg beer at your event, but keg shells and tap handles must leave the facility with your party at the end of the event, as generally they must be returned for a deposit refund. Rembrandt Yard does not handle the deposit on, or the return of keg shells and tap handles. Kegs may not be left at our facility overnight, as kegs may burst or leak if they are not kept cold. When you purchase a keg for your event, make sure a waterproof bucket is delivered along with the keg to contain the melting ice. Kegs must be in waterproof buckets.

What if some of my my guests are under 21? Can they drink alcohol?

All guests are required to follow all state and federal laws. Guests who appear to be under the age of 21 will be required to show legal identification with proof of age, and the catering staff will ask for identification if they feel a guest might be underage.

Do you have a time limit on how long the bar can serve alcoholic beverages?

Alcohol may be served for up to 5 consecutive hours, until “last call” is finished 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end time of your event, or 1:30 AM, whichever comes first. There is no restriction on the service of non-alcoholic beverages.

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

Yes, in most cases you may serve alcohol to the guests at your event. If your event is a private party, such as a Wedding Reception, Holiday Party, Bar Mitzvah, etc., you may serve alcohol at your event. Such events are considered private parties by the city of Boulder, and must follow these guidelines: 1.)In the city of Boulder you may not sell tickets to your event (This implies that alcohol is included in the ticket sale), 2.) Your event can not be open to the public, it must have a set guest list. 3.) You can not have a cash bar.

If you are planning an event for a Non Profit Company (Silent Auction, Fundraiser, etc.) and wish to have a cash bar, you must apply for a Special Events Liquor License from the city of Boulder no less than 30 days prior to your event. Only Non-Profit Companies are eligible for Special Event Liquor Licenses. Private parties are not eligible for Special Event Liquor Licenses.

Can I provide the beverages for my event?

Yes, you can purchase the beverages for your event. Most liquor stores will deliver your order to our facility for a small fee, and will often buy back any undamaged, unopened items after your event. You can find a list of recommended vendors by clicking here.

What type of kitchen do you have for caterers?

Rembrandt Yard has a warming kitchen available on each floor. Your caterers will only have the use of the kitchen on the floors you have rented.

Who sets up the tables for my event?

Generally your caterer will set up the tables for your event. When selecting a caterer for your event, check to make sure set-up and clean-up are included. If your caterer can not set up the tables, it is possible to purchase a room set / set break from us. Room set/ Set break is not included in the gallery rental fee, or the furniture rental package. We have an interactive map to help you decide how to set up the furniture for your event. The map is to scale, and it may be helpful to you and your caterer for room-set planning. You can find the interactive map here.

Who takes care of garbage and recycling?

Your caterer is welcome to use the trash bins located at the back of our facility as long as they sort the trash into the appropriate bins. Recyclables must be separated out, and placed into the recycling containers, and other trash must be bagged and left in the regular trash containers. If caterer does not sort out recyclables, they will need to take the trash with them when they leave. All trash must be removed from the facility at the end of the event.

Who is responsible for cleaning up after the event?

At the end of your event, the client, or their caterer is responsible for cleaning. If you had a catered event, your caterers are responsible for folding, stacking, and putting away all furniture. All trash must be removed, and the floors must be swept of any large debris. The kitchen, stove, and microwave ovens need to be emptied, and wiped down. Caterers generally need an hour after all guests have left, to clean up after an event, but please check with your caterer to see exactly how much time they will require.

Who is in charge of menus, timelines, table decorations..?

If you would like assistance with wedding planning, either for the whole event, or just the day of the wedding, Rembrandt Yard highly recommends the services of the event planners listed on our vendors page which you can find by clicking here. If you are not working with an event planner, then your caterer will be the vendor you work most closely with to plan the details of your event.

May my vendors arrive early?

When you book time for an event at Rembrandt Yard, you are booking a block of time, this time needs to include the time your caterers will need to set up for your event. Generally we recommend 2 hours for event set-up time, although you should talk to your vendors to find out exactly how much time they need to set up for your event. More elaborate plans may require more time for set up. Your vendors may arrive as soon as your rental time begins. If additional time is needed, it must be pre-arranged, and is subject to the fees for additional hours at the rate that is quoted on your contract.

Can a restaurant cater my event?

There are a few restaurants that have been approved to cater in our facility. You can find a list of approved caterers here. Many restaurants do not provide full service catering, and only provide to-go meals, and therefore would not be able to cater an entire event at Rembrandt Yard.

My favorite caterer does not have enough liquor liability insurance. Can we still have them cater our event?

Sometimes smaller catering companies may not carry enough liquor liability insurance. If the caterer of your choice does not meet Rembrandt Yard’s minimum insurance requirements, you (or they) can purchase an insurance policy for the night of the event. Special event insurance is offered by many insurance companies. A good place to start is with the company that carries your home or vehicle insurance. There are companies who offer online applications for policies as well. A company that many of our clients have used is: WedSafe.com.

Can you recommend a caterer for me?

Most full service catering companies are welcome in our facility. Please be aware that your caterer must be approved by Rembrandt Yard, and they will be required to provide us with a copy of their food service license, and show proof of insurance to work in our facility. Before you sign a contract and/or place a deposit with your caterer, please check with Rembrandt Yard to make sure your prospective caterer has been approved, and meets our requirements. You can find a list of approved caterers here.

What type of insurance is my caterer required to carry?

All catering companies who work at Rembrandt Yard are required to have:

  1. A food service license from the Department of Public Health
  2. Liquor Liability insurance in the amount of at least $1 million
  3. Commercial general liability of at least $1 million
  4. Worker’s compensation insurance.

All catering companies must have the minimum required insurance. Before you sign a contract and/or make a deposit with your caterer, please make sure they meet these requirements. If there is not an insurance policy in place, the caterer will not be allowed to work at our facility.

Do you offer catering services? Can I bring in the caterer of my choice?

Rembrandt Yard has a list of recommended caterers who have worked numerous events at our facility, and have provided a high level of service for our clients. You can find a list of recommended vendors here.


bill@openartsboulder.org   openartsboulder.org