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Some people associate traditional weddings with lots of guests. However, as the world grows and changes due to the pandemic, so too must the wedding industry. We’ve grown accustomed to busy weddings in tighter spaces, but now, as couples seek new ways to accommodate the rules for hosting an event in the middle of a pandemic, it’s time to look at weddings in new ways. Before we lose ourselves in wild speculation, let’s look at what we know so far about 2021 wedding trends.

A Shift in Priorities

Weddings are no longer as grand as they used to be (in terms of size, not spirit!). They have transitioned into smaller, intimate events. Every component of the wedding has changed, from the size of the ceremony to the seating arrangement at the reception. It’s safe to say that for the near future, we will be seeing micro-weddings as one of the main pandemic wedding trends.

Just because weddings have to be smaller, doesn’t make them any less special.

Upsides to Smaller Events

There are silver linings to having a smaller wedding, such as these pandemic wedding trends:

  1. Fewer guests mean more of the budget can be spent on personalized details. You don’t have pay to as much to feed as many people. You can make more of an effort making the event special for your selected guests by adding special elements, such as gifts or other surprises.
  2. Since people have fewer commitments, it’s easier to schedule a wedding on any day of the week. They no longer have to be booked on weekends. In 2021, Tuesday weddings are totally a thing.
  3. There are a lot of people who will want to share in your special event, so make sure you splurge on professional photography and videography that is easy to share.

 Bigger isn’t always better, and while big weddings are undoubtedly more fun, smaller events can have their perks, too. To see what other 2021 wedding trends are out there, check out all that Rembrandt Yard has to offer to make your wedding unforgettable.