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Corporate Retreats Are More Than Just a Fun Getaway

Corporate retreats are often underrated, but there are so many reasons why they are great for a company and its employees. Everyone can benefit from a corporate retreat and its particularly useful for remote teams, as it allows the group to come together in a more relaxed environment. Here are some of the most notorious benefits of corporate retreats:

1) Sends a Message of Love and Appreciation

Who doesn’t love a getaway? Taking your employees away from their regular work environment and giving them a chance to do something different, while relaxing and having a good time, communicates that you care for them and their well-being.

2) Allows You to Discover People’s Personalities

The fact that we now have the technology to enable teams to communicate remotely is great, but it also means that team members no longer have much chance to have one-on-ones with each other anymore. A company retreat allows team members to have a little face-to-face time where they can interact and learn about each other.

3) Gives You a Chance to Explore New Places

Taking teams away from their usual environment not only boosts creativity, but it also allows everyone to discover new and exciting places that promote an organic way to get to know each other.

Boulder: A Great Destination for a Corporate Retreat

Boulder is a beautiful place and a perfect location for an amazing corporate retreat. These are meant to be very flexible so you could include a nice variety of activities on your agenda. Here are some ideas:

Boulder Flatirons

Boulder Flatirons

  • Take your team on an early morning hike up the Flatirons or Sanitas.
  • Have a local coffee company such as Ozo Coffee do a pour over presentation before the meeting begins.
  • Have a local celebrity/entrepreneur speak at the beginning or end of a retreat to inspire your attendees.
  • Provide snacks from local food companies throughout the day, like Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha and pair it with some Boulder Canyon Potato Chips.
  • Take the team on a tour of the city with Banjo Billy Bus tours!
  • Take a trip to Enigma Escape Room right on Pearl Street.


So, what’s on your mind for your next corporate retreat?