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(Featured Photo: Caitlin Alysse Photography)

You only have one wedding day, so make sure that you capture every little detail. A wedding photographer shouldn’t just take wedding photos of the happy couple and guests, but know just how to capture the entire day. We work with exceptional wedding photographers who know how to capture every moment so that you can look back and remember just how perfect the day ways from start to finish.

Wedding Photos Should Capture Every Detail

Wedding Photos

The moments before the wedding make for some beautiful and intimate wedding photos that every couple should remember to capture. Photo: Rogue Film Co.

Let’s look beyond the traditional photos of the ceremony, wedding party photos, reception speeches, and first dances. There are so many little details that make a wedding day perfect and special to each couple.

Getting Ready

The moments leading up to your wedding are special and should be remembered and photographed. Make sure that you capture photos of your invitations, rings, gifts, accessories, and outfits. The serene moments of the couple getting ready often lead to some amazing and intimate photos that many forget to capture.

Photos of both couples getting ready and moments with their family and friends as they prepare for the big day are important. These are the moments that most guests don’t get to be a part of, so be sure to talk to hire your photographer for the entire day, not just for the wedding itself.

Decorations and Table Settings

Wedding Photos

Photographer: Jessica Christie Photography

You spent a lot of time planning your wedding and being meticulous about the décor, colors, flower arrangements, china patterns, etc. Make sure you get photos of everything before the party starts so that you can remember everything when it was pristine and untouched. These often make for great side-by-side photographs of photos from later in the evening when you can see just how much fun everyone had, but make sure you get the before shots, as well.

Food and Drinks

The same goes for the food and the drinks that you have. There are beautiful shots of the food that the caterers have made especially for your day and should be remembered. Even a cluster of champagne bottles and filled champagne flutes waiting for the guests to arrive can make for incredible photos that make your wedding album more complete and a perfect representation of your day.

Candid Photos

Staged photos with a beautiful backdrop are a must, but so are plenty of candid shots. Many couples are flying high on a cloud on their wedding day, and the next day they look back and wish they could remember every moment. A good wedding photographer will capture many candid shots of guests having fun, mingling, dancing, and laughing, giving the couple a perfect look back at moments they may have missed.

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