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(Featured Image Photo Credit: Rogue Film Co.)

Your wedding venue will serve as the backdrop to every photo and every element of your dream wedding, so make sure that you choose a wedding venue that encompasses all the things you imagined for your big day. From the arrival of the guests to the cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception, your wedding venue should add ambiance and romance every step of the way to your happily ever after.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for a Wedding Venue

A wedding is often a huge production with a lot of moving parts. Like any production, happening, or event, there are the essentials, and then there are all the little details that make this event space unique and memorable.

Wedding Venue

Many guests take advantage of amazing photo opportunities in Downtown Boulder before celebrating the night away at Rembrandt Yard. Photographer: Alyssa Reinhold

Let’s get the essentials out of the way, and then we can focus on more than just the physical confines of the wedding venue to see how the surroundings can elevate your event and exceed your expectations. 

Here are the essential questions to ask before you settle on a wedding venue

  1. Can the venue handle all of your guests?
  2. Is there room to have the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception? 
  3. Do you have control of the décor and the setup?
  4. Can you choose your own vendors?
  5. Is there easy access for guests in terms of parking and transportation?

Beyond Rembrandt Yard

Once you know that the venue will logistically suit your needs, it’s time to look beyond the wedding venue. Rembrandt Yard is 10 minutes away from scenic and iconic Rocky Mountain photo opportunities, as well as stones throw away from downtown Boulder. These two features are what draw many couples to our venue. Not only is the proximity to downtown convenient for guests, but we’ve seen many beautiful, fun, funky, and creative wedding photographs taken with Boulder landmarks and architecture as a backdrop. 

Of course, Rembrandt Yard is also an art gallery featuring local and international artists. Their work can add texture and ambiance to your wedding. There is no wedding venue quite like Rembrandt Yard.

Get ready to plan your dream wedding at Rembrandt Yard.