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How to Plan a Successful Non-Profit Fundraiser?

The perfect fundraising event is all about balance. It should be both fun for the guests, and lucrative for the organization. Just like any other event, a successful fundraiser requires careful and timely planning. Here are some tips to help you plan a golden fundraising event.

1. Define the Purpose of Your Event

Before getting hands-on in planning your event, define the intent of it. Ask yourself these questions: What are you trying to achieve through this event? Who is your target audience? Also, are you interested in promoting your organization and its’ goals to the community?

2. Set a Fundraising Goal

How much money do you want to raise at this event? Your fundraising goal should be achieved after deducting the expenses from the total amount raised.

3. Establish Your Budget

Make a list of all the expenses that are necessary to hold the event, including space rental, staff, invitations, entertainment, transportation, utilities, catering, etc. Also, make sure you leave room for unexpected costs. Your fundraising goal should be included in your budget, so the amount of money you raise needs to be considerably above all of your expenses.

4. Ask for Vendor Discounts

Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for discounts. Some may offer discounts for non-profit organizations, and others might be willing to offer discounts when they relate to the purpose of the fundraising event. Express your passion toward the cause you’re supporting. That passion can open doors.

5. Enable Donation Options

Some people might be more interested in donating than attending the event. Providing donation options is a great way to make sure you can still engage with those people. Plan a way to accept donations online and offline. It must be something simple and secure so that people feel confident in trying it. Some options could be recurring donations and text giving.

6. Include Entertainment

Leaving the fun out is never an option. Keeping your guests entertained is the best way to make sure they enjoy the event, which promotes a longer stay and encourages them to participate.

7. Consider Hiring a Good Live Auctioneer

A live auctioneer can be your most valuable partner when it comes to planning a fundraising event. The cost can go from $2,500 up to about $10,000, however, the return on investment is usually well worth it.

8. Market Your Event

If you want a full house, you have to make sure people are aware of your event. Define a marketing strategy and take advantage of methods that generate less cost, like online marketing options such as social media and emailed invitations.


Booking a great venue is also part of planning a successful fundraiser event. If you’re looking for the best place to hold your fundraising event in Boulder, give us a call. Rembrandt Yard could be the perfect space you’ve been looking for.