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(Cover Photo Photographer: Larsen Photo Co.)

What makes a wedding photo come together is the sum of all of its parts. It’s the outfits, the attitude, the staging, and of course, the surroundings. The backdrop should frame the photo, give it personality and atmosphere. At Rembrandt, we’re surrounded by the best of Boulder and Colorado. It won’t be hard to find the perfect backdrop; it will be hard to choose the perfect wedding photo backdrop, but that is a luxury problem worth having!

Choosing the Best Wedding Photo Backdrop

Your personal style, the theme, and the colors in your wedding may determine the right wedding photo backdrop, but why should you have to choose? When you have so many scenic options for a wedding photo backdrop, why limit yourself? Your wedding should be grand and a day like no other, including multiple locations for gorgeous wedding photos

Scenic wedding photo backdrops you can expect from our Boulder wedding venue:

Wedding Photo Backdrop

Downtown Boulder and the surrounding areas of our venue have many beautiful structures, landmarks, and architecture to serve as a unique wedding photo backdrop.
Photographer: Jessica Christie Photography

  • Rocky mountains
  • Scenic forests
  • Romantic stone bridges and pathways
  • Bustling downtown Boulder scenery
  • Interesting buildings and architecture
  • Colorful backdrops
  • Sweeping rod iron staircases
  • Churches

Don’t forget about interior wedding shots using our art gallery and sculptures by local and international artists to add character to your wedding photos. 

Planning the Perfect Wedding

Your wedding should match your personality. Our Boulder wedding venue has everything you need for great photos and everything you need to plan and coordinate your dream wedding.

Inside, you’ll find floor-to-ceiling windows letting in plenty of light and inviting in the natural beauty of Colorado. There is room to set up your ceremony, reception, and dance floor in any constellation you wish. 

Our team of dedicated staff is here to help you ensure that your day is perfect, including a long list of exceptional local vendors to bring in decorations, lighting, entertainment, flowers, catering, drinks, and dessert.

We’d like to think of our venue as a blank canvas that every couple can shape and mold to fit their wedding vision. You have complete creative control, with the backing of a professional team to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. 

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