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Tips for an Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

There’s no doubt about it. The day you commit to marrying the love of your life, is a day you will remember forever, and so will your loved one. If you’re the one asking the question, it’s up to you to make that moment truly special for both of you. There is undoubtedly a lot of pressure around “getting it right,” but as long as it is done with love and it stays true to your relationship and who you both are, it will be perfect. Here are some tips to make that moment extra special.

Prepare Your Hands for the Ring

Treat him or her to a manicure a few days before the big day. Not only is this a great surprise treat —who doesn’t love a mani?— It’s also a great way for you to spoil them, and make sure they have shiny, beautiful hands for when they get to show off that new ring!


Insure the Ring Before Proposing

An engagement ring is a significant investment, so protecting it is essential. That is especially helpful if you are planning an outdoor engagement, but it’s a good idea no matter what you are planning.

Pick a Theme That Suits You

Your engagement day should be all about you as a couple. Plan the engagement around something that you both love or something that is special in your relationship.

  • Are you both outdoorsy and love to hike? There are tons of easy hikes close by that you can take, dropping down to one knee in front of a beautiful view!
  • Are you both avid beer lovers? Go to your favorite brewery to surprise them!
  • Do you like to have fun together in the kitchen? Book a special intimate cooking class, or keep it simple and make their favorite meal at home to surprise them!

Not every engagement has to be an epic adventure. Just stay true to you both, and think about what is unique.

Hire Someone to Capture the Moment

This is a moment you will want a record of. Enlist a friend to snap photos or hire a professional photographer. You can be sure it will be worth it!

Be Prepared for a Little Toast

Don’t forget the bubbly —or beer, or kombucha. Whatever you fancy. The moment with the beautiful ring will be hard for your new fiancé to get over, but once they do, you will want to have something to celebrate the start to your life together.

Celebrate Your Engagement

After taking such a big step in your relationship, it is only natural you want to share the news with your family and friends. Plan an engagement celebration afterward with those who are closest to you both and take some time to celebrate that they said yes!


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