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It’s really happening! In-person work events are happening! It’s time to move away from the tiny zoom screens, put on an outfit from top to bottom, and treat your employees to an in-person gathering at our Boulder work event space.

In-Person Work Events

If you’re planning your first post lockdown face-to-face event, make sure it’s unforgettable and worth the long wait. Arrange a meeting, conference, and party all in one venue to make it a special time for every employee. We’ve got plenty of space, both indoors and outdoors, so anyone worried about being too close can still keep the appropriate distance, while still being face-to-face with team members and colleagues. 

Why Choose Rembrandt Yard for Company Meetings and Events?

Boulder Event Space

Host your next face-to-face meeting or event using Rembrandt.

Rembrandt Yard can be set up to meet all of your needs for a productive, creative, and festive work event. We can recommend several local vendors that can bring in all the equipment, seating, decoration, food, and drink to make the event flow from start to finish.

Set up a seating area for work presentations, including audio-visual equipment and theater-style seating. While most people will be dying to socialize with friends and colleagues without the glare of a Zoom ring-light, you can still get a bit of work done.

Set up formal or informal food and drink stations when the work portion of the event is over, and it’s time to mingle and talk about all the TV we binged, and how incredible it is to be wearing a complete outfit that doesn’t include yoga or sweat pants!

What makes Rembrandt particularly conducive to a productive and fun work event is our art gallery. Our walls and rooms are adorned with art and sculptures from local and international artists that will stimulate and inspire creativity and productivity.

Book Our Boulder Work Event Space for Your Next Company Meeting

Contact Rembrandt today to book your next work event and treat your employees to something special. After all, they deserve it if they’ve stuck with you and continued to keep your business thriving through this past year and a half.