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The ability to take a photograph almost anywhere was one of the hallmarks of Jane’s technique. Forcing the unfamiliar to work to her advantage was her way of ensuring that her photographs were never complacent or smug. As she put it: “Usually one is going in on a wing and a prayer … Time and daylight are my enemies. But I don’t really like plain sailing, either. When it’s a bit agitated, there’s more hope of something different coming out.”

Beautiful gerganelle dress. Photo: Lianne Van Wagner

Jane worked quickly, quietly and unobtrusively. She had little concern for what a person did but was acutely interested in what they were like. Maintaining a seemingly innocuous banter peppered with gentle instructions – the tilt of the head, the position of a hand – she prolonged the all-important spontaneity of the initial encounter. Often the shoot was over before the sitter realised what had happened – 15 minutes was a good average – and Jane and her two 40-year-old 35mm OM1s were gone. This innate ability to put the sitter at ease was the key to Jane’s respectful and revealing portraits.

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For the portrait of the Queen, to Jane’s great relief, there were to be few present. Jane always worked alone: “I couldn’t work with an assistant. I wouldn’t know what to tell them to do – I don’t know myself.” Breaking with tradition, Jane called the Queen’s wonderfully efficient press officer, Penny Russell-Smith, and arranged a recce. The portrait would be taken in the blue drawing room and, to ensure that all would go well on the day, Jane wanted to