Caterer Guidelines

  1. At least 30 days prior to the event, the caterer must provide the Rembrandt Yard with: A copy of the license to Operate a Food Service Establishment, and a certificate of insurance evidencing commercial general liability in the amount of or greater than $1 million dollars.  Rembrandt Yard must be listed under “additionally insured.” If alcohol is being served at the event by the caterer, insurance must specifically include liquor liability. Please ask your insurance agent to fax us a declaration page of your coverage. If you do carry liquor liability, please make sure this page specifically states the amount of liquor liability coverage. If liquor liability is an exclusion on the caterer’s insurance policy, either the client or the caterer must provide host liquor liability for the event. If the client/caterer self-insures the event, “Rembrandt Yard, LLC” must be named as additional insured on the insurance policy.
  2. Clients must choose a catering company from our preferred caterer list.
  3. Rembrandt Yard reserves the right to refuse use of certain caterers, designers, rental companies, disc jockeys, bands, or any other party or vendor supplying goods or services.
  4. Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the event, a walk-through must be held to go over the details of the event with a member of Rembrandt Yard’s staff. The caterer and client must both be present for this walk-through.
  5. Client and caterer are required to use All Events Tent & Party Rentals as their rental company.  The caterer themselves may provide their own linens, china, glasses, etc., as long as the items are brought in by the caterer themselves or during the rental timeframe, and all such items must leave the facility at the end of the night with the caterer.
  6. Catering staff is responsible for setting up and putting away all furniture used for the event unless specific arrangements are made.  In-house furniture must be neatly stacked, in the manner in which it was found, behind the movable walls on the 3rd floor of the gallery.   Any clarification on this can be found in the Rembrandt Yard Event Checklist.
  7. The caterer is responsible for providing service staff. All state and local laws must be adhered to, and guests must be at least 21, and have a valid ID in order to drink alcohol. Alcohol service must cease 30 minutes prior to the end of the event, or at 1:30 AM, which ever comes first. Alcohol may not be served for more than 5 consecutive hours at any event. No alcohol is permitted on a self-serve basis. This includes bottles of wine left on tables, and self-serve punch bowls. Alcohol is never permitted to be consumed outside the building, or on the sidewalk, and care must be taken to prevent guests from walking outside the building with an open container. The bar/catering staff must take precautions not to over serve, and alcohol service to visibly intoxicated guests is not permitted. Please advise your client that shots/shot bars, home brewed/fermented alcoholic beverages, grain alcohol, and liquor over 100 proof may not be served. Drinking games, beer bongs, flaming drinks, and shot luges are also prohibited. It is the caterer’s responsibility to enforce these rules.
  8. A waterproof mat must be used under any and all bar areas, or areas where leakage may occur. Only leak-proof containers or coolers may be used, and all containers holding liquid or ice must be placed on a waterproof mat. Rembrandt Yard has waterproof mats available for you to use for this purpose.  All ice will be provided on-site by Rembrandt Yard, and caterers will not bring any ice into the facility.  The caterer is responsible for the cost of repairing any damage done to the hardwood floors due to leakage.
  9. All deliveries and pick-ups must occur during the client’s rented time. Any special delivery occurring at any other time must be pre-approved by Rembrandt Yard, must not interfere with any other event taking place at Rembrandt Yard, and must occur during normal hours of operation. (Monday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Rembrandt Yard is closed Sunday) Rembrandt Yard is not responsible for the timeliness or accuracy of deliveries made by the client, and/or their vendors. A fee may be charged for special deliveries.
  10. The caterer will be in charge of clean-up after the event, and clean-up may not be allocated to anyone else. The caterer may not leave before the event has concluded, and clean-up has been performed to Rembrandt Yard staff satisfaction. Clean-up must take place during the time that has been rented by the client, and the client is responsible for any fees for time overage incurred by their vendors.  Caterers must check out with a  Rembrandt Yard representative at the end of the event to ensure all procedures have been followed.
  11. Clean-up after the event shall include: Furniture must be folded, stacked, and put away in the furniture storage area behind the movable walls on the 3rd floor. Any rental items being picked up should be neatly stacked on the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen area, or on a bar mat. All plates and dishes must be scraped clean of food and rinsed.  Floors must be swept of any large debris, and checked to insure no moisture is present. Bar mats should be left in place on the floor. Any clarification on this can be found in the Rembrandt Yard Event Checklist.
  12. All trash, including trash in restrooms, must be removed from the facility. Rembrandt Yard participates in the City of Boulder Recycling program, and you are free to use the receptacles behind the building for disposing of the trash generated at the event. All cardboard must be broken down, and bottles/cans should be placed in the recycle containers. Recycle materials should not be bagged, but all landfill trash must be bagged before being placed in the dumpster. Never throw un-bagged food waste in the dumpster or on the ground in the alley! If trash is not properly separated, it is the caterer’s responsibility to re-sort the trash properly, otherwise $250.00 fee will be charged to any caterer who improperly disposes of trash.
  13. All food and beverages must be removed from the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. All kitchen surfaces must be wiped down, and left as clean as they were found prior to the start of the event.
  14. Absolutely no garbage or grease is allowed in the sinks or toilets. The strainer basket must be used in the sink to prevent debris from washing down the sink drain.  Containers of ice are also not permitted to be emptied in the sink.  All ice must be disposed of in the alley in the back of Rembrandt Yard.
  15. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the building or on the property.
  16. Furnishings and artwork may not be moved without permission and supervision by a Rembrandt Yard staff member. All furnishings that have been moved must be returned to their original placement, again under the supervision of a member of Rembrandt Yard’s staff.
  17. Absolutely nothing may be taped, stapled, glued, nailed, or otherwise attached to the walls or ceilings without prior approval of a Rembrandt Yard staff member.
  18. No rice, birdseed, bubble solution, confetti, glitter, silly string, sparklers, or fireworks are permitted anywhere on the property. Real flower petals are not allowed to be used on floors or stairways.
  19. All items brought into Rembrandt Yard for an event must leave the facility at the conclusion of the event. Items may not be left overnight, or for pick-up at a later date, as Rembrandt Yard does not have storage space for such items, and caterer should not suggest such an arrangement to their clients or other vendors.
  20. All candles must be encircled by glass, and every effort must be made to prevent wax damage and to prevent injury by such items from occurring to guests. Prior approval of questionable décor is advised to ensure acceptability.
  21. Caterer/Vendors are required to check out with Rembrandt Yard staff at the conclusion of the event. Rembrandt Yard staff must confirm that all policy and procedures have been followed, and that the facility has been left in a satisfactory condition.
  22. Rembrandt Yard retains no responsibility or liability for items brought onto the property, or for any items not removed at the conclusion of the event. Rental companies must remove items in a timely manner, and at a time occurring during regularly scheduled business hours. Items not removed within 24 hours will be disposed of.
  23. There is an ice machine at Rembrandt Yard, and caterer should not bring ice with them for an event. Outside/bagged ice is not permitted inside the building. Caterer will be responsible for providing containers or bus tubs to bring ice from the basement to the floor needed for the event.
  24. If you are grilling food outside the facility, you must have the grill/food prep area under an official fireproof tent in order not to violate Boulder Health Department regulations. All Events Tent & Party Rentals has fireproof tents available for rent specifically for this purpose. You will not be permitted to grill outside the building without a tent.

Caterer hereby does acknowledge receipt of the above rules and regulations, and further acknowledges that any and all contracts for services relating to the event are subordinate to this agreement.

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