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We are so excited to showcase one of our most creative preferred catering companies, Catering By Design!  They continuously blow us away with their unique displays, super scrumptious food, and friendly staff and we are always so excited when we hear they are going to be catering an event at Rembrandt Yard.  Find out more about the By Design Collective below!

Tell us what Catering By Design does:

By Design Collective houses three divisions of design; Catering by Design, Décor by Design and Picnics by Design.

Catering By Design is our award-winning catering division that is rooted in the philosophy of our owner and executive chef Cade Nagy: Real, pure cooking. We’re not following a template. Our chefs tap their combined training, cooking techniques, and life experiences to create every single dish that is in our menu item collection. Our way of catering demands a unique thought process that requires us to constantly create new ways of providing fresh dishes on-site, ultimately translating into the pure food at your event. So often we are cooking from our hearts and feeding the soul.

Décor By Design means just that. It’s about originality, it’s about designing, it’s about creating YOUR story and how you want it told. Our goal at Decor by Design is to take your event from imagination to reality through our dedication and diligence to event details. We believe every space has its own character and our designers enhance that character drawing inspiration from the arts, upcoming trends, and your vision. By incorporating stylish elements, colors, textures, and emotion, we create just the right atmosphere. And, with a full-time staff of craftsmen, we can produce custom pieces that are exclusive to the Colorado market.

Picnics By Design– Available in the Spring and Summer months.  Picnics by Design celebrates the warmth of the season with classic fare and grilling. We offer carefree casual picnic packages to our clients seeking the same friendly staff and team of experts they have come to know through Catering by Design. Our Picnic Promise: Fresh Ingredients; Grilled-to-Order; Always Plenty; Always on Time; All-star Staff; Extended Service; and Compostable Products.

What would you say makes you stand out from other catering companies?

It is not enough to create delicious food. At Catering by Design we strive to break culinary conventions with a unique spin on food that reinvents menus for every client and every occasion. We love to push the boundaries of what a catered experience can be. The tenacity that our chefs place on our food is exceptional because we are chef owned.

What inspires you?

We have built our reputation on our creativity and innovation. We strive to be several steps ahead of the trends in catering, introducing new and reimagined menu selections displayed in appealing and unique ways. We see every event as an opportunity to create memorable experiences through originality, quality and service. We pull most of our inspiration from the arts, upcoming trends, and your vision.

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What is your number one tip for couples planning their wedding?

When the planning begins, be ready to share and articulate your vision, whether your vision is a small and intimate gathering or a grand affair, we’ll help ensure that your day is a personal reflection of your own tastes, while also considering your guests preferences.

What other types of events do you cater to?

We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with our extensive range of clients in Colorado and beyond. Whether you are planning an upscale client dinner, fundraising gala, product launch or casual employee picnic, our team brings top notch services to you with an unwavering attention to detail.

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Give us some interesting or unknown facts about your business:

As the most decorated catering company in Colorado, Catering by Design is proud to be named the 2014 International Caterers Association Caterer of the Year and Executive Chef/Owner Cade Nagy, 2013 International Caterers Association Chef of the Year.

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Catering By Design also wanted to share a delicious recipe perfect for this time of year:

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To find out more about Catering By Design, visit their:




You can also call them at 303-781-5335 or email or

Thank you, Catering By Design team!

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