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|Catering Spotlight|: Footers Catering

Footers Catering’s mission statement is: “Love what you do; Make it better every day; and Create exceptional experiences for our clients and their guests.”

We had the pleasure of asking Brittany Burrows from Footers Catering some questions about her and the business, read on to find out more about this incredible company!


How did Footers Catering get started?

Footers’ roots belong in Denver’s Capitol Hill as a restaurant owned by Jimmy Lambatos. This Greek entrepreneur had a vision of an Italian restaurant and since he had the highest standards for all that he did, he flew in a chef straight from Italy to ensure everything was completely authentic. As a nod to the Italian chef, Chef Footer, he kept the name and Footers was born in 1981. As the restaurant’s success grew, so did Jimmy’s passion for serving others. He ventured into the catering world, beginning by his own Camaro to transport the food and equipment on-site to the events.

In 2015, Jimmy’s son Anthony and his wife April purchased the business and made the transition to a second-generation family operation. Anthony and April are committed to honoring Jimmy’s traditions of cooking all of our food fresh on-site and providing exceptional customer service, while seeking ingenuity and creativity in our industry.

What would you say makes you stand out from other caterers in the area?

I am always awed by our culinary team’s ability to cook amazing food, anywhere in Colorado. Though we are based in Denver, because we cook our menus fresh on-site at all of our events, our event teams travel from Steamboat to Gypsum to Grand Junction and beyond. No matter if our chefs’ kitchen is in a field or on a rooftop, the quality of our food cooked fresh on-site is fantastic.

What’s an interesting fact everyone doesn’t know about Footers Catering?

When our original owner, Jimmy, had the restaurant, he would always ask expecting moms when their due date was. When he would hear they had their baby, he would bring them a home cooked meal to the hospital room! One time when he did this, the parents told him that when their baby girl grew up and got married, they were going to reach back out to him to get the wedding catered. Five years ago we received a picture in the mail with Jimmy, the parents, and the baby in the hospital room, requesting that we cater her wedding.

Awwwwww, we love this!

What are some of your favorite event trends right now?

Food stations! I’ve been so impressed and inspired seeing couples show their unique personalities through both food choices and our custom presentation. Even guests with the most traditional expectations have been wowed by how well a stations-style meal can accurately represent a couple, and provide a delicious and filling meal.

What has been your most memorable event?

This past June, I had the opportunity to coordinate a surprise wedding. When the groom initially reached out, I almost didn’t believe him! He was planning an entire wedding without the bride knowing and was planning to propose just two hours before the ceremony was set to begin. The bride’s family and friends were all on board, and the day went off without a hitch!

Oh wow, talk about a surprise!!

What is your #1 tip for couples planning their big day?

Slow down and enjoy the planning process! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the timelines, dos and don’ts, and all the little details. When you’re starting to feel stressed, think back to the moment when you asked the scariest question of your life, or when you said “yes!” Remember all those butterflies, all those feelings of excitement, nerves, even child-like joy!? You get to feel all of that forever with the one you love, and that is such a beautiful and wonderful thing – don’t forget that!

What are other events besides weddings that you enjoy catering to?

I love the galas we cater for our non-profit clients. They usually have a really fun theme, which lets our culinary staff be extra creative in their menu design. The passion the attendees and clients have for their cause is really inspiring!

What’s next for Footers Catering?

Being an industry leader in innovation is important to our team. My fellow coordinators, our culinary team, and our design team are constantly striving to stay ahead of the trend, and come up with concepts that guests have never seen before. Liquid nitrogen stations, progressive short plate stations, and hanging displays have been popular this summer, and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

We’d love to learn more about you Brittany, what are you doing on your days off?

I try my best to use my free time wisely, since working in the event industry can lead to a hectic schedule! I love taking my crazy Aussie to the dog park, volunteering at my church, or kayaking.

What’s your go-to hang out spot in Boulder?

I love grabbing a burger and a beer at Mountain Sun. It’s a really great spot right on Pearl Street with a casual feel but incredible menu. If you haven’t tried their Date Night Burger, you need to go ASAP!

Seriously, the date night burger is the BEST!

What is your favorite thing to do on a beautiful Colorado day?

I absolutely love dispersed camping! Nothing clears my mind like driving down a dirt road until I find the perfect spot, and then getting to kick back and disconnect for a few days.

What about when it’s snowing?

Coming from Pennsylvania, I have always loved how snow just seems to slow the world down for a day. I rarely take a day to myself, but usually love cozying up with a book or movie when it’s snowy. I do still need to try snowboarding!

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You know we have to ask, what’s your favorite food?

My friends make fun of me because I design amazing menus for a living, but have the most classic palette. If it were up to me, I’d eat buffalo chicken or barbecue pulled pork for every meal.

You have to try this recipe Footers Catering shared with us that is just perfect for Thanksgiving:

CO catering recipe

Thank you so much, Brittany!  To find out more about Footers Catering, check them out on their:





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You can also email Brittany directly at, or call 303-762-1410.