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Events During the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed events, or at least, they’ll look a little different moving forward. Large gatherings without social distancing in effect are not advised to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Sadly, as a result, some of us had to postpone or cancel special events altogether due to lockdown measures that existed at the time. Whether you have postponed an event and plan to reschedule in the near future, or you’re planning a smaller upcoming event, you’ll have to keep in mind seating arrangements for your guests that can provide for an adequate amount of space between seats.

Seating Styles

If you’re scheduling an upcoming event with us at Rembrandt Yard, we will first and foremost comply with all current COVID-19 guidelines. Here are some common seating styles we see for events, including galas, weddings, conferences, and workshops.

Theater-style seating is ideal for conferences hosting guest speakers.


This is one of the most popular seating styles for conferences since there are often many presenters. All seats are lined up to face the front of the room. There is a continental arrangement style with no aisles, or a herringbone arrangement that is angled with aisles.


Also known as horseshoe style seating, this seating arrangement is practical for smaller groups with a key speaker.


Cocktail style is a good choice for social events, such as Christmas parties. Guests are standing, which allows them to easily roam the room and mingle.


Perhaps one of the most popular seating arrangements for weddings, banquet-style seating can typically accommodate a larger number of guests.

The pandemic has certainly introduced some new challenges to planning events, especially with seating arrangements. Still, for those of us organizing upcoming events, they can still take place so long as they abide by COVID-19 guidelines. Take a look at our interactive floor map to see how Rembrandt Yard’s space can accommodate all seating styles.

But for now, the show must go on (it will just look a little different!).