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Graduating college only happens once.

Planning a Great College Graduation Party

Life breaks down into milestones, and they all should be celebrated. Birthdays, school graduations, weddings, anniversaries and retirements are great reasons to celebrate, so why not celebrate graduating from college, too? After all that hard work, a party is definitely in order.

College graduation parties are a great way to celebrate your loved one’s achievement. Here are some tips to help you plan a college graduation party for the ages.

Gather the People They Love

Include both friends and family for this event. If your graduate has a couple of good friends from college that would like to join in on the celebration, why not bundle it up and celebrate more than one person on the same day. You can share the fun and expenses. 😉

Pick a Venue

Celebrating at home is nice, but if you’re planning to have guests from a variety of locations, it might be best to choose a venue with a convenient location for everyone. That is ideal if you’re having a party for more than one graduate since the guests will likely multiply. Plus, this way you won’t have to worry about cleaning and doing the dishes afterward.

Use the Graduate’s Major as Theme Inspiration

What better way to show off what your graduate has been up to the last few years, than having a party theme that’s specific to their major? You don’t need to go crazy with major-inspired decorations, but you can include it with some subtle touches. Say you’re celebrating a new lawyer, you could serve some of your snacks on Scales of Justice. If you’re celebrating a teacher, maybe have red apples and rules be part of the decor or use that idea to make fun treats for your guests to take home. If you’re looking for color inspiration, using the colors of their college and work that into your theme.

Include Fun Activities for Everyone

Activities are always an essential part of any successful party.

  • Instead of a guest book, have a book where your guests can provide some career advice to your graduate. That makes a great memory.
  • To close out the event, plan an activity that is inspired by your graduate’s life as a student. Take a bike ride around Boulder Campus, have a drink at their favorite bar, or maybe hit up happy hour at their favorite restaurant.

Take It All In

Once you book the best venue and have everything planned out, relax and enjoy the moment. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion so don’t get caught up in the details, and make the most of this great time to celebrate your graduate’s amazing accomplishment.