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Stock Up on These Great Ideas for Your Next Benefit Gala

When you’re planning a fundraising event, picking a good theme is essential for its success. It’s not just about raising money, it’s about making your guests comfortable, having them really enjoy the time they spend at your event, in gratitude for their generous contributions.

This is the perfect time to let donors socialize and meet the leaders of the charity. It’s all about bringing people together. The standard fundraiser is usually a sit-down dinner, but here are some ideas that could help you jazz up your next fundraising event.

All White Pop-Up Dinner

Take some inspiration from the super chic, invitation-only event that’s gone viral in more than 35 countries, Diner en Blanc. Of course, the last-minute reveal of the location is probably not going to work in this scenario, but everything else can.

It’s a gourmet, picnic-style pop-up dinner to which everyone wears all-white outfits. You can have your tables dressed in all white linens and have your guests bring white ornaments to decorate them with. You could also consider having a prize for the best-decorated table. If you want your guests to socialize, this will hit the jackpot.

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Tailgate Dining

What if instead of a regular dinner you provide your guests with a variety of tasting stations that offer different specialties? Your guests could tour around your venue and go station by station, to try some delicious food and drinks. To kick it up a notch, have your guests vote for the station they enjoyed the most. Partner up with a local business who’d be interested in offering their products —say, cheeses, condiments, jams, wine, and other specialty ingredients— at your event, and set up a little pop-up market where your guests can also pick up some goods on the way out. A percentage of the sales could go toward your cause, and you’d also be promoting a local business. It’s a win-win.

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Casino Night

Go Vegas style and get the dice rolling! Invite the guests and have them wear their best cocktail party attire. Set up a bar that offers specialty mixed drinks and plan a buffet-style dinner. Red and black as your main color scheme, slot machines, dice games, card games, roulette wheels, and other casino-related activities, are great ways to raise donations. This is a great opportunity to get really creative!


If you’re getting ready to work on your upcoming fundraising event, here are some great tips that can help you plan the perfect one. And, if you’re looking for a venue, at Rembrandt Yard, we have exactly what you need.