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Colorado may be known for its snowy winters and epic skiing, but summer brings the chance to enjoy some spectacular scenery and outdoor adventures. The farmers’ market is in full swing, you can find a festival to go to on any given weekend and the wildflowers are in full bloom. We here at Rembrandt Yard were definitely ready for summer, especially after our surprise winter wonderland at the end of May!

Below is a list of our favorite things to do in Colorado once summer arrives!

Erica – Hands down my absolute favorite thing to do in the Summer here in Colorado is spend my time lounging in the freezing cold water of the Eldorado Springs Pool! My friends and I pack a nice lunch, cool beverages, and spend the whole day roasting in the sun eating popsicles. Theres nothing like spending a day at the Eldo Pool to make you feel like a kid again. Plus, they let you bring your own pool floaties – bring on the oversized flamingos and pool sharks!


Tracey – Summer! The 3 months I look forward to all year. During the Summer, I spend my days off in the mountains, searching for alpine lakes and the best hammock views. If I’m not in the mountains, I’m probably at a Red Rocks show or on a roof top in Denver with a cold beer in hand. My goal for this Summer is to check more destinations off my Colorado Bucketlist. Telluride is first on my list (taking all recommendations)!


Heather – One of my absolute favorite things to do in Colorado in the summer is hiking. There really is no other place I’ve been where the weather is consistently gorgeous, the trails are plentiful and you don’t have to travel very far to get outside. My other summer must-do in Colorado is to catch a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater. It’s the perfect way to spend a night under the stars and there really is no such thing as a bad show there. Did you know that Widespread Panic holds the record for the most consecutive sellout shows at Red Rocks? Have an amazing summer, friends!


Madeline – My favorite thing to do in Colorado is to road trip around the state with my pup and acrylics and to find beautiful spots to post up in and paint. I love finding an area where I can lay on a blanket and stare at the scenery for hours. Being from the Northeast, the landscape here is so different, it amazes me every time I explore. I will also try to find live music along the way, my favorite show being Neil Young over in Telluride. Did I stumble upon the most beautiful and amazing state or what!