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(Photo credit: Caitlin Alysse Photography)

A wedding venue, in a sense, is an art piece. It is an expression of the couple’s unique love story. With just one or two simple touches, it can be transformed into a work of art. A simple, yet thoughtful design is the key to making a wedding venue look appealing. There are two simple, yet effective elements to decorating the wedding venue: lights and flowers.

Decorating the Wedding Venue

Wedding trends come and go, but flowers and lights are forever. 

Decorating the wedding venue with flowers and lights

Wedding trends come and go, but flowers and lights are forever.
Photo Credit: Ashley Tiedgen Photography

Floral Wedding Trends

The style of our floral arrangements, the types of flowers we use will change, but it’s a rare sight to attend a wedding where flowers are not playing a starring role. 

There are the classic floral arrangements, from the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres for the groom, and of course, floral centerpieces. However, couples are taking flowers to the next level. We’re seeing flowers used to drape the wedding arches, drape across the ceiling, drape down walls and around window frames. 

Bringing the outdoors inside is a major trend, transforming a wedding venue into a romantic fairy tale perfect for a wedding. 

Custom Lighting Elements

Lights set the mood, tone, and atmosphere of a wedding. 

Similar to the floral arrangements, lights will set the tone. Classic string lights, bistro lights, and soft mood lighting play an equally big role in the ambiance. However, many are taking their lighting décor to a personal level. 

Decorating a wedding venue with personalized and branded elements, like oversized lighted letters spelling LOVE, or shaped like your initials as a couple, or something that is uniquely tied to your love story are part of the lighting elements that we see more and more. 

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Rembrandt Yard is an art gallery and wedding venue with a big personality and all the visual, romantic, and photographic elements that you want from a Boulder wedding venue. Plus, we give you complete creative control, so you can decorate with as many or as few flowers, lights, and other decorations as you please. It’s your special day, and we want it to be perfect!

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