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If you’re looking for a way to treat your customers to something special – and hopefully add some new ones as well – look no further than an exclusive Boulder pop-up event space. This is a great tool to promote your business and give your customers a lasting positive impression of what you have to offer. 

A pop-up event should be a treat to new and existing customers, a promise of exclusivity, and a shared experience.

Setting the Stage for Your Boulder Pop-Up Event Space

Boulder Pop-Up Event Space

Exclusive pop-up Barre class at Rembrandt Yard.
Photography: Jess Drawhorn, The Drawhorns

Our Boulder event space gives you complete creative control of the space. Decorate each room to accentuate your products and set the right tone and mood for the event. Rembrandt Yard is more than just an event space; it is also an art gallery, adding something unique, cool, and eclectic to your event. Our floor-to-ceiling windows give you a full view of downtown Boulder and the Rocky Mountains, adding an authentic Colorado feel.

Types of pop-up events:

  • Exclusive Barre yoga class
  • Focus groups
  • Celebrating brand milestones
  • Treating customers to exclusive “first-look”

When you host your pop-up event, be sure to wow your customers with an exclusive experience from start to finish. The environment and the space that you use should add to the ambiance and the vibe that represents your products and brand. Art and sculptures can make a great impression on your guests and elevate your brand identity.

Treat guests to fabulous signature cocktails, appetizers, or delicious desserts and catering. A pop-up event is about pampering customers, inviting them into an exclusive world that not everyone gets to experience. Putting this effort into your Boulder pop-up event space will pay dividends in word of mouth for your brand. 

Boulder Event Space

If this all sounds great, get started by checking out our website and see how we can help you put together an event like this today.