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It’s the little personalized details that make your wedding special and memorable. However, to help you remember and cherish your special day, you need to hire a great photographer who can capture it all. If you plan on taking your wedding party outdoors, we’ve got a few fall and winter outdoor wedding photography tips.

Outdoor Wedding Photo Considerations

There are a few wedding photos staples in every wedding album, and outdoor photos are one of them.

As we enter fall and the Colorado landscape starts to change, you have wonderful outdoor photo opportunities. There’s no greater backdrop than the Rocky Mountains and the wonderful flora and scenery of Boulder. As beautiful as it is, be sure to consider the following for your outdoor fall and winter wedding photos:

Outdoor Wedding Photo Considerations

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  • The days are shorter
  • The temperature is colder
  • A little rain may fall
  • Snow-covered grounds
  • Glare from the sun in the snow
  • Fall and winter colors

As long as you take account of the weather, temperature, and color changes that come with the fall and winter seasons, you can plan and create spectacular photo opportunities.

Hire a Local Wedding Photographer

A local wedding photographer will understand the local landscape, the changing scenery, and the challenges of outdoor photography in the fall and winter months. They will be able to guide you and make sure that you get the perfect background, the right time of day to take the photos, how to avoid a glare from the sun on snow-covered grounds, and how to use the scenery to elevate your photos. 

Boulder Wedding Venue With Indoor and Outdoor Photo Opportunities

Our venue is a work of art and lends itself to spectacular wedding photos, plus we are surrounded by all that Colorado has to offer in terms of outdoor scenery, from the Rocky Mountain landscape to the bustling eclectic art and architecture of downtown Boulder.

To learn more about what our Boulder event venue has to offer, give us a call.