Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of events do you host?

Rembrandt Yard hosts a variety of functions, including, but not limited to: Weddings, Receptions, Commitment Ceremonies, Rehearsal Dinners, Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Meetings, Fundraising Events, Galas, Conferences, Holiday Parties, Networking Events, Memorial Services, Dance Lessons, Trade Shows, and High School Proms.

How long has Rembrandt Yard been hosting events?

Rembrandt Yard began renting the gallery space for events in early 2005.

I have family in town I’d like to bring by Rembrandt Yard. Can we just drop in?

Rembrandt Yard is open to the public Monday – Saturday, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM, unless we have an event in progress. Since we host quite a few events, we encourage you to call ahead of time to confirm that an event will not be taking place when you wish to come by. Unfortunately, if the gallery is closed for a private event, you will not be able to come in.

How large is your gallery?

There are two floors available for rent at Rembrandt Yard. The 3rd floor is the largest with 3,500 square feet of rental space, and the 2nd floor has 3,000 square feet of rental space. Floor plans with room measurements can be found here.

How many restrooms are in your gallery?

There are two restrooms on each floor, each restroom is handicap accessible.

I’ve seen photos of the gallery with paper lanterns, how can I have them for my event?

Rembrandt Yard offers a paper lantern package you may add to your event rental. The package costs $550, and includes the rental of 100 paper lanterns. The lanterns come in a variety of sizes, and are hung on the ceiling of the 3rd floor of the gallery. These lanterns are available in white, ivory, natural, light blue, light pink, sage, yellow, beige, dark grey, light grey and gold. With the rental of this package, Rembrandt Yard’s insured staff will take care of hanging the lanterns before your rental time begins and will remove them after all guests and vendors have left.

Am I allowed to hang my own decorations?

No. Any decor that needs to be hung must be pre-approved at least two weeks prior to your event date, cannot exceed Rembrandt Yard’s weight restriction and will need to be hung by a Rembrandt Yard staff member. Please keep in mind that we do not approve all hanging decor, so do not spend a lot of time and/or money on this before it has been approved. Additional fees will be incurred, and will be based on the time needed for our staff to adequately hang this decor.

Can I hang my own art?

If you have a piece of artwork you wish to display during your event, you may do so on an easel.

Is the artwork available for purchase?

Absolutely! Just let us know which piece you’re interested in purchasing. Most pieces will need to remain in the gallery throughout the duration of their show, and can be picked up or shipped once that show has ended.

Can I move the art in the gallery around?

The process of choosing which pieces hang where is something our Art Director puts quite a lot of time and effort into. If you wish to move more than three or four pieces for your event, gallery re-hanging fees will apply.

Does the art in the gallery remain on the walls for my event?

The artwork will remain on the walls during all events. If there are pieces that are not to your liking, we can remove up to four pieces for your event free of charge. Any more than this will incur a gallery re-hanging fee.

What is your payment plan?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due when signing your contract. The balance is due one week prior to your event date. If you would prefer to pay your entire rental fee at the time of booking, you’re more than welcome to do so.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, personal checks and cash.

How far in advance do we need to book?

It all depends on how flexible you are with the date of your event. If you have a very specific day you want, we suggest you book early rather than taking a chance on waiting and losing the date.

Can you hold a date for me without a deposit?

We can place a “soft hold” on a date for you for up to one week without a deposit. This way you can check to make sure the date will work for everyone involved in your event. If someone else is interested in that particular date during that time, we will contact you, and you will have 24 hours to decide if you want to put a deposit down, or release the hold. Space is available on a first come, first served basis, and therefore cannot be confirmed without a signed contract and deposit.

What if I need to cancel my event, or change the date of my event?

Please make sure our venue, and the date you book are the ones you definitely want for your event, as deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Events cancelled or postponed less than ninety days prior to the event will be responsible for 100% of the “total rental charge,” events cancelled more than ninety days prior to the event will be held responsible for 50% of the “total rental charge.” If you’re needing to change the date of your event a $500 date change fee will apply.

What if I want to add extra time to my event?

Additional hours may be added to your rental time, and your contract will state the charge for additional hours. Renting additional time with Rembrandt Yard does not include the fees your caterers and/or other vendors may charge for additional time, so please check with them for any fees they may have for extending the time of your event.

How late can my event go?

Your event can go as late as you would like. There are a few restrictions concerning alcohol service that should be kept in mind. Alcohol service must end 30 minutes prior to the end of your event, or at 1:30 AM, whichever comes first, and alcohol may not be served for more than seven consecutive hours. We do not have any time constraints on when music must end.

Do you have a time limit on how long alcoholic beverages can be served?

Alcohol may be served for up to seven consecutive hours. A “last call” will take place thirty minutes prior to the scheduled event end time of your event, or 1:30 AM, whichever comes first.

Do you allow kegs in your gallery?

Yes. You can serve keg beer at your event. When you purchase a keg for your event, make sure a waterproof bucket and tap handle is delivered along with it. All keg shells, tap handles and buckets must leave the facility at the end of your event, as generally they must be returned for a deposit refund.

Do you have a place to refrigerate kegs?

We do not have a walk-in cooler, or a refrigerated space to store kegs. Most liquor stores will deliver kegs, as well as buckets to hold the ice needed to keep them cold. You do not need to order ice, as we have an ice machine at our gallery. Rembrandt Yard will not accept deliveries of bagged ice. Our ice machine makes 1,200 pounds of ice per day, so there will be plenty available for your event.

Will I need to rent both floors, or only one?

This is incredibly dependent on the number of guests you’re anticipating and the set-up of your event. We can accommodate up to 500 guests on both floors, and up to 300 guests on a single floor for a cocktail style event. We can accommodate up to 220 guests for a seated reception on a single floor. You can find different examples of layouts here. here.

What is the difference between a half day, and a full day?

A full day rental consists of twelve consecutive hours, whereas the half day rental is seven hours of rental time. With a full day rental, you and/or your vendors can access the gallery as early as 8:00 AM. A half day morning event runs from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM, a half day evening event can begin anytime after 4:00 PM. Please keep in mind that your rental time includes all set up and clean up needed for your event. Caterers and other vendors typically need two hours for set up before your guests arrive, and one hour of clean up time after your guests have departed.

Is there a separate fee if we have the wedding ceremony at Rembrandt Yard?

No. Rembrandt Yard does not charge a fee for ceremonies. If you have already rented the gallery, you can choose to use your rental time however you wish.

Do you have furniture, or do I need to rent it?

We have an in-house furniture package available for rent. This package is an option, so if you want to rent something else you’re more than welcome to do so.

This package includes:

150 Natural wood folding chairs with padded seats
15 five-foot round tables
4 six-foot banquet tables
4 eight-foot banquet tables
4 three-foot, adjustable height cabaret tables

What if I need additional furniture?

If you’re needing additional furniture, you can rent these items from an outside rental company. It is possible to rent the exact same style furniture so any additional pieces will match our in-house furniture. We work closely with All Events Tent & Party Rentals, ant they will be able to provide most any rental items you and/or your caterer may need for your event.

Do you provide linens, dishware, glassware, etc?

We do not provide linens, dishware, glassware, etc. Each of these items are provided by an outside rental company, and can be done with the assistance of your caterer.

Who sets up the furniture for my event?

Typically, your caterer will set the tables, chairs and other furniture for your event. When selecting a caterer for your event, check to make sure set up and clean up are included. If your caterer cannot set up the furniture, it is possible to purchase a room set and/or room break from us for an additional cost.

Who is responsible for cleaning up after the event?

At the end of your event, you and/or your caterer are responsible for cleaning the gallery. All trash, recycling and compost must be removed, and the floor must be swept of any large debris, the kitchen, stove and ovens need to be emptied, and wiped down. This clean up typically takes an hour after all guests have departed.

Who takes care of trash, recycling and compost?

You and/or your caterer are responsible for removing all trash, recycling and compost from the space after your event. You are welcome to use the receptacles located behind our facility as long as everything is sorted into the appropriate bins. Recyclables must be separated out, and placed into the recycling container un bagged and all boxes must be broken down. Trash and compost must be bagged and placed in the appropriate container.

Can my vendors and/or guests stay later than our rental time?

You must rent the facility for the duration of your event, this time should include all set up and clean up time that your vendors will need, as well as the time for the event itself. If your guests and/or vendors stay past this rental time, you will be billed for any overages. This per-hour rate will be stated on your contract, and will apply to any additional time.

Can I drop off items the day before my event?

No. Since Rembrandt Yard hosts a number of events, our space is typically being used by another client on the day before your event.

Can I decorate the day before my event?

All decorating must be done during your rental time. If you wish to rent the gallery the day before your event, you’re more than welcome to rent the gallery for two consecutive days, although renting the gallery for a full day (up to 12 consecutive hours) generally allows for plenty of time to decorate.

When can my vendors start making deliveries?

Your vendors can start making deliveries once your rental time begins. Any deliveries that will occur outside of your rental time must be arranged with Rembrandt Yard one week prior to your event date.

Do I need to take everything with me at the end of the night, or can I just come back for it the next day?

You will need to make arrangements to have everything removed from the gallery at the end of your event. The only item that can be left for pick up is unopened alcohol scheduled for pick up by the liquor store is was ordered from. Arrangements for pick ups by liquor stores must be made in advance, and will need to occur during our normal business hours.

Do you have any restrictions on what vendors I use for my event?

You’re welcome to choose all of your own vendors when hosting an event at our facility. The only vendor we require you to choose from our list is your caterer. We have a list of ten caterers who are familiar with our space, and will help ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. A list of our approved caterers can be found here.

Can our band or DJ plug their equipment into your in-house sound system?

No, our in-house sound system may only be used with our iPod jack, wireless microphone and CD player. All bands and DJ’s will need to bring their own sound equipment with them.

What type of kitchen do you have for caterers?

Rembrandt Yard has a kitchen available on each floor of the gallery. Your caterer will only have access to the kitchen on the floor you have rented.

Where can my guests park?

Rembrandt Yard does not have on-site parking, but there are a variety of parking garages and lots located within one block of the gallery. They may also use the on-street metered parking.

Most City of Boulder public parking garages and lots are free on Saturdays, Sunday and city holidays. For a map of all nearby parking, click here.