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(Main Photo: Photographer - Tallie Johnson, Florist - Sugar n' Stems)

Wedding trends come and go, but floral wedding arrangements are forever. Since the first wedding, there has been some sort of floral arrangement and décor incorporated into most weddings; the styles of arrangements have changed over time. We will look at some of the latest in floral wedding trends that we’ve seen in recent weddings at Rembrandt Yard.

The Latest Trends in Floral Wedding Arrangements

There are two trends that we’ve noticed in recent weddings: Minimalist and maximalist. We’re seeing both of these trends in the wedding bouquets and the table decorations and centerpieces.

Floral Wedding Trends

Beautiful maximalist wedding bouquet with overflowing luscious greenery and delicate white flowers.
Photographer: Mary Meck Photos
Florist: A Florae

Typically, if the bouquet is minimalist in design and arrangement, the same minimalist trend spill over into the table decorations for aesthetic cohesion.  

Wedding Bouquet Trends

Instead of the traditional wedding bouquet, we’re seeing brides choose oversized bouquets that look like it’s overflowing from the arms of the bride or groom – or whoever is holding the flowers. 

Traditional white flowers are also being pushed aside in favor of seasonal flowers and bright pops of color. Fill out the arrangement and create a bountiful bouquet with plenty of lush greenery. 

The maximalist wedding bouquet is dramatically romantic and makes a bold statement. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the minimalist wedding bouquet. Consider a single perfect flower that is beautifully delicate. The single flower bouquet is chic, modern, and simplistic in style and beauty.

Floral Wedding Table Arrangements

If you’re continuing the maximalist floral trend in your centerpieces and table decorations, make sure to consider the sightlines of your guests. As stunning as an oversized floral centerpiece may seem like a good idea on paper, once your guests are seated, they want to speak to each other and see their fellow tablemates. Don’t cut off the conversation and the celebration by putting a giant flower wall in the middle of the table.

For larger floral table settings, keep them low to the table so people can see over and around them.

Minimalist table centerpieces are sophisticated, modern, and delicately romantic.
Florist: Boulder Blooms
Photographer: Rogue Film Co.

A minimalist floral centerpiece should match the simplicity of the bouquet and even the flower you have chosen to represent you at the wedding. A single stem flower, or something seasonal, like twigs, branches, or berries, is a great seasonal element that keeps the visual simple and sophisticated. 

Work With Local Vendors Recommended by Our Boulder Wedding Venue

Trends are great for inspiration, but this is your day, and you should have the flowers and arrangement style that suits your personality and your vision for the perfect wedding. At Rembrandt, you have complete decorative control of our wedding venue. Plus, we have strong working relationships with some of the best local wedding vendors in the Boulder area. 

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