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How to Throw a Lovely Engagement Party to Surprise the One You Love

Getting engaged is one of the biggest and most exciting moments in life. It marks the beginning of a beautiful and completely different era for both your partner and you. That “yes” is only the beginning, but it is certainly a moment worth celebrating.

Planning a secret engagement party for your fiancé is a great way for you to celebrate this beautiful moment together and let your family in on your little secret. An engagement party doesn’t have to be like an early wedding reception, and it can take any form and direction you want. After all, this party is all about you and your partner. Just putting all your love into planning this event will sweep your soon-to-be-spouse of their feet.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some great ideas for an unforgettable engagement party:

Pick the Right Venue

Look for a convenient location, one that works for you and your guests. Find a venue in your area or close to where you got engaged. Doing this will make this private party feel like a continuation of the moment you got engaged. This way, you can ensure most of your guests will be present for the big announcement.

Create Unique Details

Get creative when it comes to the details in your engagement party. Everything, from the music to the décor, has the potential to make this event feel like a reflection of you and your partner’s relationship. All the little quirks and cute things that make your relationship unique can translate into beautiful details for your engagement party.

Have a few friends or family members help you DIY things that make the party feel special like party favors, décor elements, or even a photo booth. Not only will this help you save money, but it will sprinkle magic all over your engagement party. The creative license is in your hands.

DIY Engagement sign

Capture the Moment

When you’re both old and gray, you’re going to want to look back at the day you celebrated your engagement with your loved ones. A videographer or photographer is a must-have, or at least task a friend who loves to take photos to help you capture this special day if you’re on a tight budget or tight schedule. You could also consider hiring a professional and working together on a good deal that covers your engagement party, as well as your wedding day.

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Every surprise has the potential to become an unforgettable moment. 😉