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Ideas for a Great Holiday Engagement

The holiday season is quite possibly one of the most romantic times of the year. There are twinkling lights all around, family time is a must, and you can feel the joy in the air day and night. No wonder it is the scenario of endless marriage proposals. It is a magical time, and it works perfectly for that purpose.

Magical moments are not just for TV or Instagram. If you’re thinking of having a holiday engagement, these tips can help you have a magical moment of your own:

Pop the Question Over the Holidays

In general, the holiday season is an excellent time for marriage proposals, but the actual holidays are even better. This time is when you and your partner are —most likely— with your families, which makes it an extraordinary time for you to get engaged. Your loved ones will contribute to making that moment one that you will never forget.

Holiday EngagementsGet Your Family Involved

There are two things you will positively need for your proposal to be a success: planning and photography. Since your families are going to be present on that day, why not make them a part of the process. Assign out tasks based on their strengths. Someone could help you put together a simple itinerary while someone else helps with the venue and decor, and someone else could help capture the moment. It’s all about teamwork!

Take Your Time to Find the Right Ring

The ring is one of the most critical components of this special day. You want something that resonates with your loved one’s personality, and that is as unique and special as they are to you. Ask your friends and family for help. They could help you find out more details about what your partner would like, and also, they might know jewelers they can recommend or help you investigate. An extra hand never hurts.

Don’t Rush

If you plan on doing it this year, you still have plenty of time to get things done by the holidays! If you’re starting to consider it, take your time to plan things out for next year. It will be worth the wait.


The beauty is in the details. These ideals will help you get that “yes” that will turn your regular holiday celebration into the day that kicks off the rest of your lives together.😍