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How to Have a Successful Product Launch Event?

The best way to get a new product out there and into the minds of your customers is by having a product launch event. But how do you make that event go from blah to bold? Here are some tips to help your event really stand out.

Find the Perfect Venue

Of course, you want the focal point of this event to be your product, but choosing a nice venue will help make everything really stand out. Although your choice of venue can be affected by the type of product you’re launching, in general, it’s a good idea to go for a place with great lighting and plenty of space. Also, a local venue is always the better choice, as you want to make it easy for your guests or target audience to join you.

Choose a Theme

Going with a specific theme will help you stay cohesive throughout all of the elements in your event. The theme should be something that relates to your product, and also serve as a guide for planning your promotional products.

Bring In Entertainment and Snacks

No matter how informative or serious your product launch is, you still need to find an appropriate type of entertainment to lighten up the environment and keep things interesting for your guests. The venues amenities can give you some ideas as to what type of entertainment you could have. Tying your activities back to your product is a great way to keep it on top of everyone’s mind throughout the event.

Food is also an important element to this event and it can even promote visits. Instead of having waiters walking back and forth, offering food, try something different like having food stations. Self-service and delicious food help lighten up the mood.



Consider Event Timing

Time is always to be taken into account when planning your event. Regardless of what time you decide to hold it at, make sure you design the program in a way that the participation is at its peak at the time you’ll release the product. Ideally, your product launch event shouldn’t be more than two weeks before the product is actually released.

Market Through Social Media

Your new product is not the only thing that should be marketed, your event should be, too. Design an online marketing strategy in the weeks leading up to your product launch event. You can spread the word by publishing it on social media, newsletters, and even on your website. Blog posts are also great to provide people with more detailed information about the event.


Rembrandt Yard can be the perfect location for your product launch. Our gallery provides you with a beautiful environment that can serve as a blank canvas to make your event come to life. For more information, give us a call today.