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You’ve invited all your friends and family to celebrate your union with the wedding of your dreams, and you’ve put a lot of thought into every detail into making it an unforgettable event. Don’t forget to plan your wedding schedule to the very last minute, including how you’re going to get your guests on the dance floor! Choosing a wedding DJ is a big decision. The music is often the final element, so make it one to remember.

Once you’ve picked the best possible venue for your wedding ceremony and reception, and worked out the details of the guest list, caterers, flowers, and other important details, there’s one more thing you need to take care of: making sure your guests dance the night away. Wedding DJs use a special set of skills to get your guests onto the dance floor, keep them there, and close out the night with a bang.

The Right DJ

When you think about the music for your wedding, many couples tend to spend time on the “first dance” song, but you have to think of what your guests will want to dance to, as well. Hiring the right DJ that can get your guests moving, is crucial. You don’t want the party to fizzle out at the very last moment. You want your guests walking out of the venue, shoes in hand, because their feet are too tired from dancing. Choosing a wedding DJ should be done with care, consideration, and a little preparation.

Choosing a Wedding DJ

Choosing a Wedding DJ

Choose a DJ who will get your guests on the dance floor. Photographer: Rogue Film Co.

The first step to choosing a wedding DJ is finding someone that you groove with, both in personality and in musical taste. The DJ should understand the type of music you like and what will get you on the dance floor. However, be open to suggestions, as well. What is going to get your grandparents, as well as your youngest and coolest cousins on the dance floor?

The best DJs will cater to your tastes, but also come with a few surprises. As long as you vibe on the genres that you like, let them do their thing. They are professionals, after all.

You also need to decide when the DJ should be playing music. Is there going to be background music when guests arrive and during the reception, or just afterward?

Include Your Guests

Give your guests some options and let them choose the songs you play throughout your wedding day with a wedding playlist. Include your guests in creating the playlist. On your RSVP cards, ask your guests to write down a couple of songs that will get them on the dance floor. Try to play the music that you know will resonate with your guests. Including your guests in the music will also help to personalize the wedding and bring people together.

The secret to a successful reception is the right combination of people, activities, and timing. In other words, you need the right wedding planning team and venue at Rembrandt Yard.