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Covering certain details will help your next company meeting be productive, enjoyable, and memorable.

5 Tips to Plan a Memorable Company Meeting

There are many reasons why company meetings are important. A lot of expectations are set around this type of event, but sometimes, the outcome can fall a little short. Planning company meetings that truly make an impact is an art, and the difference might be in the details. Here are some tips to help you plan a company meeting that will stand out:

Book an Unexpected Venue

Meeting in the same old space or venue can limit your team’s creativity. A change of scenery will help ignite that creative spark.

Make It Casual

Being flexible with the dress code and inviting your guests to dress casually is a great way to generate a relaxed atmosphere, in which people will be comfortable, and more likely to have fun and be productive.

Start Off with an Ice Breaker

Sometimes getting right to the point the moment the meeting starts can be counterproductive. Promoting interaction is a great way to engage with your audience, and increase motivation and collaboration. Since you’re all going to be together for several hours, you want to make sure you create the most comfortable environment possible, where everyone feels free to contribute with their ideas and opinions.

Invite Thought-Provoking Speakers

Special guests tend to generate excitement in the audience. Inviting someone relevant to the purpose of your meetings, such as a client, a motivational speaker, or even someone who represents an organization your company supports financially, could really influence your audience and give them something to talk about after, which helps increase participation.

Make an Impact with Food

The power of food at company meetings is not to be underestimated. Food provides energy and can help people relax and feel more comfortable. High sugar/caffeine foods can affect your team’s focus. Going for more natural menu items that are higher in protein and fiber is a better option. Also, if you want to kick things up a notch, why not bring in a bar near the end of the meeting? Happy hour in a laid-back team environment after a productive meeting can be a great move to promote bonding and end things on a high note.


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