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Tips for a Rehearsal Dinner You’ll Never Forget

Rehearsal dinners can be one of two things: just another event to fill up your calendar and follow pre-wedding protocol or a truly wonderful night that precedes the most important day of your life. A lot goes into planning a memorable rehearsal dinner. Here are some tips to make sure neither you nor your guests forget it.

Host in a Central Location

These days, everyone is looking for ways to uncomplicate their life. You want your rehearsal dinner to be a time of joy and relaxation. It is ideal to have your rehearsal dinner somewhere close to accommodations and hotels for those guests that come in from out of town. That is also a great way to enable them to take a breather and walk everywhere they need to go for the weekend, having plenty of fun things to do. It’s also an excellent way to ensure your guest’s safety since they can walk home after drinking.

Give Your Rehearsal Dinner a Feel Of Its Own

It’s so much more fun to have your rehearsal dinner feel like a complimentary yet individual event, rather than making it into Wedding Part I. Are you having a formal sit-down dinner on the big day? Try hosting a cocktail party with food stations and lounge seating as a contrast. Is the wedding outside on a farm? Host the rehearsal dinner indoors in a contemporary space!

Don’t Forget About the Entertainment

Entertainment is essential at any event. Plan to have something that you and your guests will enjoy, whether it’s an acoustic trio or DJ! It will add so much to your rehearsal dinner and ensure everyone has a blast. Why not bring in some fun games so everyone can bond? That can be a giant Connect Four, cornhole, or maybe even karaoke. Laughter is a great way to make friends with the people that surround you!

Create a Craft Cocktail After the Guests of Honor

Doesn’t this sound like fun? Turn their personalities into a cocktail that everyone will love! Make this even more special and bring in local elements like alcohol from a distillery in town, or fresh pressed juices from a shop nearby.

Present Your Wedding Party with Some Gifts

Rehearsal dinners are full of emotions. Since you’re surrounded by the people you love the most, it’s the perfect time to offer gifts to those who will be with you during this wonderful time, especially if it’s something you want them to wear on your big day. Need some inspiration? Check out these great bridesmaids and groomsmen gift ideas.


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