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There’s no one-size-fits-all wedding. While there are elements that every couple will need to decide on, it’s the personal touches that make a wedding special and memorable. Here are a few ways that you can plan a wedding with personality and character. 

Plan a Wedding With Personality

Add Personality to Your Wedding

We’ve seen many creative and memorable “find your seat” seating charts. Such a fun way to add personality.
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Many couples feel tremendous pressure to plan the perfect wedding. However, there’s no such thing as a universal perfect wedding. For a wedding to be perfect, it has to represent you and your partner, show off your personality, and make it a celebration of your journey as a couple and your love story. No two love stories are alike, so don’t worry so much about what tradition dictates or expectations set by social media (and your family). Plan a wedding that showcases your personalities as individuals and as a couple. 

Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Rembrandt Yard is not just a wedding and event venue; we’re also an art gallery, so we know a little something about setting yourself apart and personalizing our space. We give our couples complete creative control, working with exceptional vendors on decorations and food to personalize their wedding. 

Seating Charts

Creating a unique and personalized “welcome” will set the tone for the rest of the wedding, so this is a good place to bring a personal touch. Set up photos and memorabilia that represent your journey from the first date to “I  do.”

Create a fun and unique “find your table” seating chart and have a guest book for guests to sign. 

Themed Wedding Cakes

Perhaps the most creative touches come in the form of themed wedding cakes that capture a moment, feeling, event, or something special that bonds the two of you forever. 

Don’t be afraid to incorporate humor, and of course, love.

Plan a Wedding With Personality

Get creative with themed wedding cakes to add a personal touch to your wedding.
Photographer – Nicole Nichols Photography
Baker – Shamanes Bakery


Get personalized signs and posters that share moments and events that have paved the path to your wedding day. Branding is huge in weddings these days because of the personal touch branding brings. 

Along with signage, consider personalized bottle labels for the wine, champagne, and other beverages that you’ll be serving. 

In other words, make every wedding moment about YOU, because this is your day!

Plan a Wedding at a Unique Boulder Wedding Venue

At Rembrandt Yard, we give you complete creative control to make your wedding day special and personalized. Contact us to book the venue or to schedule a visit and get inspired by our beautiful location and venue.