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Engagement Photo Ideas That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Before you even get to plan your wedding, you should celebrate your engagement. Getting engaged is an exciting moment in life. A moment that is undoubtedly worth commemorating with a photoshoot that’s both romantic and unique, because after all, you two are exclusive.

These days engagement photos are a staple, but it is effortless to turn a beautiful moment into a cheesy, sort of generic one. You know, with the predictable locations and poses and all that.

To celebrate you, as a couple, you should be going the extra mile to showcase what makes you, you. Your engagement photos should be unique to you; they should be true to who you are. That’s how they’ll become unforgettable and stand the test of time. That’s what’s going to make you nostalgic and think “that’s so us” when you look at them 40 years from now.

Here are a few engagement photo ideas that will spark your creativity.

Engagement photo with dog

Pose with Your Fur Friend

If you’re both dog lovers —or cat lovers— include your four-legged pal in your engagement photo shoot. You can make it a homey shot of you as a family, or you can go to a place you love. The result will be enjoyable and meaningful.

Couple laying on sandy beach

Celebrate on Your Favorite Spot

There’s usually a location that makes you feel like you’re the only two people in the world when you’re there together. That dear-to-your-heart spot would make an excellent backdrop to celebrate your love.

Hiking engagement photo

Let the Adventurer in You Shine Bright

Is the love for the outdoors something you have in common? Go on an adventure together and turn it into your engagement photoshoot. You, nature, and a camera are all you need.

Couple standing under the rain

Reenact Your First Date

They say you can only live a day once, but if you had a great first date, wouldn’t it be worth living it one more time? Go back to the spot where you had your first date or act out the best moments of that night. The magic of those moments will translate into your photos.

Couple walking in train tracks

Be Your Authentic Self

Don’t be afraid to be goofy or quirky. You might choose the most beautiful location, but if you don’t allow your personality to shine, your photos will never feel like your own. Own the things that make you who you are and showcase them.

Before all the craziness of your wedding planning kicks into high gear, plan your engagement photoshoot and find a good photographer that can capture the essence of you.