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The ceremony arch has taken many shapes and forms over the years. Since the ceremony arch is one of the most photographed elements in a wedding, it’s not surprising that couples are finding new and creative ways to make their wedding arch personal and special. While every couple wants to make their wedding personal to their taste and style, there is one wedding ceremony arches trend that is ruling the wedding scene: the circle arch.

Wedding Ceremony Arch Trend

Wedding Ceremony Arch Trend

Choose the perfect custom ceremony arch for your special day. Photographer: Caitlin Alysse Photography

Behind every great couple is a beautiful and creative wedding ceremony arch. The arch is the focal point of the reception – besides the happy couple – and will be the backdrop to many photographs. While the guests wait for the bride and groom to emerge, it is also what they will be looking at, so couples are putting more effort and creativity into the wedding arch. 

The latest trend in wedding ceremony arches is to create the perfect symbol of love and marriage – the perfect circle!

The Perfect Arch

We’re seeing a lot of couples go for the circle arch. The circle is the perfect symbol for marriage and the journey they are about to take together. While marriage may have ups and downs, the circle symbolizes that every couple, through thick and thin, will always join up again, and their life together continues.

Personalize the wedding arch with your choice of flowers, greenery, and drapery to reflect your taste and style, creating the perfect frame for photos and your happily-ever-after.

Rembrandt gives you complete creative control over your wedding theme and décor. Our staff will happily refer you to some of the best and most creative local vendors, from décor, flowers, and everything you need to make your day unforgettable.

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