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Aboriginal Art

Rembrandt Yard is becoming involved in a good cause. We are donating 10% of all Aboriginal art sales to WIRES. Australia has been going through devastation with wildfires. So much wildlife has died that we want to help. Aboriginal art is an Australian indigenous type of skill that includes painting on leaves, sculpting, rock, and wood carving. Each art piece includes special symbols that have different meanings.

aboriginal art in boulder


WIRES is a Wildlife Rescue Organization service in Australia, and they have been working nonstop to prevent more devastation. However, over 4.9 million acres of land have been affected by these terrible fires. So it is difficult to estimate the number of animals lost along the way. Many were struggling for water and food due to drought from the flames, resulting in many deaths among wildlife.

You can also help, too! Come in and check out our elegant collection of aboriginal art to take and enjoy this fantastic indigenous art in your home or office. But at the same time, you will know you contributed to an excellent cause. Your purchase can make a difference because WIRES has exhausted its resources in saving these animals, and with our help, we can give them a little hope. Plus, you will be able to exhibit a beautiful piece of art along with a heartwarming story to tell your family and friends about the reason behind it.

Come, Visit Us to See Our Aboriginal Art Collection

So, come into Rembrandt Yard, ask for our Aboriginal art pieces, and make your selection! Your heart will feel warm because you are buying with a purpose. And, every time you walk by your art piece at home or the office, I promise you will smile. Enjoy telling everyone the story about how that original art piece came to hang on your favorite wall.