It's been over 12 years since we started Rembrandt Yard with the vision to provide an incredible, safe, high-end place to offer our clients for their event needs. Our venue is in the heart of Boulder, CO at your disposal and better yet, near restaurants, hiking trails, transportation, hotels, and entertainment. We have a gallery of fantastic artwork displayed for you to enjoy during your wedding venue event to help enhance your stay.  We offer a comfortably priced space to hold your wedding venue, weddings, or conference; you name it. Rembrandt is merely ten minutes away from the famous Rocky Mountains, which provide a picturesque background for your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or your company's staff conferences. Consider Rembrandt Yard for your next event, whether it is a wedding, a company outing, a family gathering, or a big celebration. We have what it takes to have your event be memorable for years to come. Visit our website or give us a call to schedule your next event. You'll be glad you did. Call today!

Wedding day

Rembrandt Yard has created the perfect place venue for your wedding venue, regardless of what month of the year it is. Our lives change when Cupid does a number on our hearts. Our line of business is one that is entirely at your disposal. It can be a blustery day or a bright, perfect sunlit day, and because we have an indoor space, we can have your wedding even if that isn't the case. Your wedding venue is a once in a lifetime experience to have your most celebrated day with your loved ones, and we want to be part of it! We are in the heart of the city of Louisville, CO a few minutes away from on the most picturesque Rocky Mountains. With the Rocky Mountains as your backdrop, your wedding pictures will be the most memorable. You will love how Rembrandt Yard is a walk away from hotels and restaurants. Visit our website for more information on prices and how to book your next event. Call or email now! You will never go back to a secondary venue after you experience our facility. Call today!

Just because

We know that it isn't every day that people throw a party for their friends just because; there has to be a reason. But sometimes, there is no real reason to throw a wedding venue other than just because. Rembrandt Yard is ready for those times when you feel to throw a party for your friends and spend that quality time with them. Building community is essential as much as maintaining it, and our goal is to help you achieve that by providing a comfortable and safe space to have your party. Alcohol needs to be brought to you and whatever else you need to entertain your guests. We like saying that our facilities are a clean canvas for you to create your masterpiece. Call us today to inquire about booking your next event with Rembrandt Yard; we are in Louisville, CO where you can breathe crisp, clean mountain air. Call us today!

There is no time to waste! Our representatives are waiting for your call or email. Rembrandt Yard has been serving the community of Boulder, CO for over 12 years by having our doors open to those needing a high-end place to have their weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, conferences of all kinds, wedding venue, and family events. Consider how happy you and your friends or family will be once they have experienced our high-end venue, the ease of hanging out in an area with incredible artwork, and being just minutes from all the essentials things this beautiful town like ours can offer. Now is the time to give us a ring to book your next event with us. Visit our website for more information on our simple steps to find yourself having a conference or any celebration in our luxurious building. Don't hesitate; call today!