Notes On Eric Round 1

Colors: The green and pink aren’t working. That feels like the wrong direction in general. The pink is too pale, and the green feels a bit bland. Overall the color palette isn’t that interesting on paper. 

Font: The sans serif feels too bland and minimal, and the serif is too stylized. 

Founded Date & Location: Neither of these pieces of information are important, and don’t need to be on the logo. If we were founded in 1840 I would feel differently. We are not an international or national brand so the location isn’t that important. 

Icon: The tulip isn’t the right style of icon. The lattice work idea is interesting, but I think a bouquet might be a better direction. The styling on the icons/logos in general is too flat, simple and plain. I would like to have something with more intricacy, pattern, shading, texture and/or depth. There is a slight Pennsylvania Dutch element to it that doesn’t work in this use case. 

Wine Barrel Seal: Let’s keep the logo without a shape enclosing it, like a wine barrel seal. 

Possible Colors

Rembrandt: Oranges – Purples – Yellows – Turqoise –

Definitely not blue (too masculine and used), not green (not interesting enough), pink (too feline and obvious)

Hero Reference

V1 Flower Icon

Rembrandt Yard is easier to read on one unbroken line. The question then becomes about whether to put the icon above, below, or to the left or right of the logo. A long narrow icon along the top of the logo


Sans Serif Feels Too Modern

Serif might be a good fit

Most wedding invitations are calligraphy, but calligraphy is generally poorly done and a generic font.

Hoefler – Topaz

Hoefler – Topaz

Hoefler – Quarto
Hoefler Landmark


Pattern could be fun to use on the back of a business card, on stationary or other branded goods.

Arrow is a nice horizontal element and the shading and cross hatching works well.
La Ciel is cool decorative typography.
Great structure, lines and illustration.
Great geometric structure for a poster
Great poster design
1921 UK great illustration and colors
Great border
Great 3 tone image
Great poster shading and logo
1929 Italy- bold font with tight soacung and great strong colora
Great layout
1930 France
Nice horizontal flower element. Great colors
Great silhouette layout with a beautiful color palette

Hero Logo Animation

Great line work, a mix between brutal minimalism and decorative illustration.