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We can’t forget why we’re getting married and what marriage is. The meaning is different for every couple and can be easy to forget once the wedding planning process is in full swing. Is it stressful? Yes. Emotional? Yup. Fun? Totally! But not for everyone (you don’t have to tell anyone you’re not enjoying it). It is quite the labor of love. I remember feeling like the only thing I could talk about was the wedding. The world didn’t stop because I was getting married, but my whole world revolved around getting married! Sometimes, the most important person ironically taken for granted at this time is your fiancé. Your partner in crime. The peanut butter to your jelly. Your love. Finding time for each other is a must especially when the planning feels overwhelmingly hard. It wont take a lot for you to remember you love them the most and why you chose them to spend forever with.

Take a trip back to where it all began –

Find a time to go back to the town you met in, the restaurant you had your first date at, or maybe even the place you first realized that this was more than just a friendship. You’ll soon remember the adventure it has been getting to the point of marriage and you’ll forget about what color the napkins are going to be and whether you’re having passed appetizers or a charcuterie board. By the way, splurge for both if you can – your guests will thank you later!

Hiking in Colorado mountains with waterfall.

Explore your home –

We are SO lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Colorado is filled with some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the country that we get to experience. It’s literally an adult playground that requires very little to explore. Get in your car, on the bus, or ride your bike and head in a direction you’ve never gone before. It must lead to somewhere, and if it’s a dead end, at least you’re there together

Have one night a week sans electronics –

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN! My husband and I have been working on this and to say it is difficult is an understatement. Even if you each end up grabbing a book to read, thats okay. It may spark conversation topics that you wouldn’t normally discuss. And I know, we live in a world now where being connected to everything all the time is the norm. But I’m just asking for one night…come on people, it’s ONE night! – Says the girl who wrote her vows on her iPhone…

Date Night –

Who doesn’t love a great happy hour or roof top dinner? Try the new food hall that just opened down the street or go see a concert! Get out of the house and away from wedding related things. Try your best to avoid talking about the wedding all together. Chances are, it’s a hot topic 6 out of 7 nights a week. Enjoy each others company and find another reason to confirm you’ve found your other half.