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Celebrating a young man or young woman taking that step into adulthood and accountability is the joy of every Jewish family. But, just because your boy or girl is becoming an adult, and the bat or bar mitzvah is a celebration of this milestone, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. At Rembrandt, we want to provide the perfect bar or bat mitzvah venue, where you can celebrate your newfound status as an adult member of the community, while still having a little childish fun along the way.

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Boulder bar/bat mitzvah venue

Use the beautiful architecture, hardwood floors, and scenic views of the Flatiron mountains as inspiration for your bar/bat mitzvah.

One of the hardest parts of planning a bat or bar mitzvah is to blend tradition with something unique and personal. One thing you can be certain of, the guest list is going to be extensive. This is a day that no one in the family will want to miss. So, when you plan a bat or bar mitzvah, make sure you choose a venue that can accommodate the entire family. The next thing you need to start planning is how the party will proceed. Having an organized program will help the party run smoothly.

Choosing a Venue

Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery and Event Center is the perfect venue for a bat or bar mitzvah. The interior has plenty of space for eating, speeches, dancing, games, and fun. Our floor to ceiling windows gives you an exquisite view of the Flatiron Mountains. And, as the sun sets, the twinkling lights of downtown will glow in the background. It’s a magical sight that will only add to the magic of your party.

Traditional and Contemporary Elements

A bat/bar mitzvah needs to include traditional and spiritual elements, but you also want to personalize it to represent the person you are celebrating. We are a blank canvas for you to make both the traditional and the contemporary elements come together. When you choose a venue, make sure that you have plenty of space for everything that a bar/bat mitzvah needs to include.

Planning a bar/bat mitzvah

There’s plenty of space to dance the hora.


Contemporary Ideas for Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah

At Rembrandt Yard, you can bring in all of your own vendors to help you decorate, entertain your guests, and create a brilliant atmosphere for a great party while choosing one of the 10 approved caterers on our list. In between eating, speeches, songs, and dancing the hora, make sure that you give your guests something to talk about. Think about adding a s’mores bar or a candy buffet. Set up a photo booth, or hire a photographer to take photos with the scenic backdrop provided by beautiful Colorado, and bring in your kids’ favorite band or DJ to get the party started.

Rembrandt Yard has been hosting special events in Boulder for over a decade. Our art gallery is a blank canvas that you can create the perfect setting for a bar/bat mitzvah, mixing both traditional and contemporary elements.