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Reasons Why You Should Host Your Meeting Off-Site

That same old conference room might satisfy your daily meeting space needs. However, some meetings require a change of setting. Whether you’re having a meeting, presentation, conference, product launch or even a team building activity, sometimes a change of space is precisely what you need to make your team happier and more productive. Taking people away from where they spend their day-to-day can pay off. Here are a few reasons why you should host your next meeting off-site.

Minimizes Interruptions

Interruptions are way more expensive than you can imagine. Did you know that interruptions in the workplace cost companies $588 billion a year? That’s crazy, wouldn’t you agree? Productivity is also affected by ineffective communication, but when you take your team into a different environment, it helps avoid distractions and increase focus, which will yield better results.

Keeps Your Team Interested

It is boring when everything is always the same. Bored employees are disengaged employees, and disengaged employees can be up to 18% less productive. A change of space can keep your employees interested because it is a challenge they need to adapt to. In this scenario, collaboration is boosted, leading to improved company culture, and an overall feeling of success.

Boosts Creativity

Changing the setting is a great way to inspire your team’s creativity and generate a fresh perspective. When the mind feels free, ideas flow much better and much quicker. That is ideal when you are working on encouraging brainstorming sessions or developing strategic plans.


Perfect space for off-site meetings

Rembrandt Yard Gallery for Business Meetinsg

Looking for a place off-site for your next meeting or team building? At Rembrandt Yard, we can host meetings sized from 5 people to 500 people. It is the perfect space to give your team a much-needed breather. Give us a call for more details about our space.