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(Featured Image Photo Credit: Jaclyn Dickens Photography)

While we’d like to forget about the past year and get back to normal, the pandemic has changed the way we work, the way we socialize, and the way we celebrate our weddings.  Couples are tired of putting their dream wedding’s on hold. Instead of letting the pandemic limit their plans, they’re putting a positive spin on our new normal and incorporating pandemic-inspired wedding trends. 

Pandemic-Inspired Wedding Trends

We’re all ready to move on, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be influenced by the past year’s events – or lack of events. As we gain control of the pandemic, we still need to be careful, wear a mask, and social distance. This brings us to the first trend.

Pandemic Inspired Wedding Trends

Individual bite-sized personal desserts are a big pandemic-inspired trend.
Photography: Ashley Tiedgen


Thanks to 2020 (need we say more), one of the most on-point pandemic-inspired wedding trends is to incorporate personalized masks with a wedding signature and date. Another hot item to include in wedding gift bags is luxury hand lotion. We could all use some extra moisturizer after sanitizing our hands for over a year.

Individual Desserts and Appetizers

As you’re planning the event, figuring out how to allocate the food is one of the most important elements of creating a flawless reception. Family-style service was a big trend pre-pandemic. Now, individual appetizer sample platters for each guest allow for social distancing. These individual platters are both easier to manage and more enjoyable to eat. They also give you the freedom to create a unique menu that takes each guest into account — perfect for when you have a wide range of dietary restrictions.

Assigned Ceremony Seating

Seating assignments are a wedding staple for the reception, but in these times, keeping everyone “bubbled-up” and socially distanced has many couples assigning seats for the ceremony as well. Have fun with it, like renting a variety of different seating styles and creating a unique chair theme for every bubble. This could make for fun and colorful photos and give the ceremony extra character and flair. 

You have complete creative control when you plan your wedding at Rembrandt Yard. Incorporate new trends, old trends, or pandemic-inspired wedding trends. We’re here to ensure that your day is personal, special, and safe from start to finish.