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Are you looking for a heavenly Boulder wedding venue? Picking a wedding venue is one of the biggest wedding planning decisions you will have to make. While you want to follow all the regular steps for planning any great event, planning a wedding requires a little extra thought. Rembrandt Yard is a Boulder wedding venue perfectly suited to host the most spectacular events. We can host your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception all in one fabulous location.

Plenty of space means more mingling for your guests.

Stay Local and Central 

Your wedding guests will appreciate you selecting a conveniently located wedding venue that is close to downtown. If they are sticking around for the entire weekend, there are many hotels, shops, and restaurants to choose from. The central location provides better accessibility for vendors, which means fewer limitations on food, drink, décor, and entertainment options. Even though Rembrandt Yard is only a stone’s throw away from downtown, the location still feels private and secluded.

Although conveniently located, we’re still far enough away to avoid any time restrictions, so you won’t have to cut the celebrations short.  

A Wedding Venue with a Unique Twist

Not many Boulder wedding venues have as much to offer as Rembrandt Yard. Our wedding venue boasts floor-to-ceiling windows with mountain views and a gallery filled with beautiful local artwork. Rembrandt Yard offers other modern options for photo backdrops, such as an ivy wall and iconic light signs. Your guests will enjoy mingling among masterpieces, adding a surprising twist to a classic wedding venue.

These are only a couple of the reasons why Rembrandt Yard makes an idyllic setting for a wedding venue. Inquire now to find out more.