In Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery & Event Center

Everyone wants their business teams to perform at their best, but sometimes, monotony takes over and makes this a complicated task. Changing the setting for a company meeting can render great results and Boulder might just be home to the kind of venue that your business meeting dreams are made of.

A Great Meeting Space Can Boost Your Team’s Creativity

Spending too much time in the same space can limit creativity. If your goal is to spark imagination, innovation, and productivity within your team, always staying in the office can be counteractive. Get your team’s creative juices flowing by bringing them out of the workplace and into a space that can inspire them. Outside the office is where the magic happens.

Our gallery at Rembrandt Yard is the perfect place for your next event. Photo by Caleb Alvarado

The Meeting Venue in Boulder That Can Ignite Productivity and Comfort

Did you know that certain aspects of a workspace, such as the colors on the walls, the volume of the space, the amount of light that comes in, and whether it’s natural or artificial, can have a direct effect on your team’s performance? It’s true!

Meeting space at Rembrandt Yard in Boulder, CO

Lots of natural lighting can awaken creativity even during the most extensive meetings.

If you’re looking for a venue that serves as a creativity catalyst for your next business meeting or company event, we have just what you’re looking for. Our beautiful and modern gallery in Boulder is definitely not your average meeting space. The creative space and surrounding inspiring artwork, will encourage your team to think outside the box.

These are some of the features you and your team will love about Rembrandt Yard as a meeting venue.

  • The floor-to-ceiling windows and natural light feel like a breath of fresh air in a world where dark boardroom setups are the rule.
  • It can accommodate up to 175 guests, theater style for a presentation, but its versatility allows the space to be set up in different ways, from a conference room setting to classroom style seating, and more.
  • Movable walls and lounge areas give you the possibility of having multiple break-out spaces for your business event.
  • It is located in downtown Boulder, at walking distance from Pearl Street Mall, restaurants, transportation hubs, entertainment, and accommodations.  Either bring in your food and refreshments or step off-site to go to lunch. The choice is yours.
  • If you’re planning from out of state, you’ll love this. Rembrandt Yard guests get a discount at the best downtown hotels, so your team can stay close to everywhere they need to be for your meeting.
A change of scenery can stimulate productivity and creativity.

A change of scenery can stimulate productivity and creativity. Photo by Caleb Alvarado

Take your business meeting experience to the next level and contact us to find out about our great pricing packages. When it comes to providing a beautiful setting and a comfortable experience for your next event, at Rembrandt Yard, we mean business!