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Colorado, especially in Boulder, boasts unmatched winter scenery that makes for a magical, winter wonderland wedding. Rembrandt Yard is a winter wedding venue featuring the best of Colorado. Our team is here to assist you with all the planning while giving you the creative freedom to design your dream wedding. 

Features of a Winter Wedding Venue

While we’re seeing bolder pops of color in wedding decorations and floral arrangements, white is still the dominant color for weddings. A winter wedding in Colorado will blanket the outdoor scenery in pure white snow, adding to the magic and the ambiance. 

Winter Wedding Venue in Boulder

Prepare and plan for winter weather, but make it romantic!
Photographer: Mary Meck Photos

However, when you incorporate real snow and winter scenery, you also have to consider a few things. The best way to enjoy snow-capped Rocky mountains and snow-covered grounds is to have a cozy, warm, and romantic indoor space.

A winter wedding venue should feature both indoor and outdoor capabilities, giving you the best of both worlds.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Our wedding venue features floor-to-ceiling windows. Enjoy the beautiful snow-covered scenic views from inside our cozy event space. Allow the winter wonderland outside to permeate through the windows, adding to the atmosphere and bringing the outside in, without the cold and the wet snow.

Prepare for Outdoor Winter Wedding Activities

You won’t be able to resist taking gorgeous photos outside in the snow. However, you need to be prepared. 

  • Shoes – Let’s face it, you’ll want to keep your beautiful wedding shoes in the photo, but you need to be emotionally prepared for them to get wet and dirty. That won’t affect the photo, but you may want to have a second pair of shoes to throw on afterward. The silver lining is that you get to buy a second pair of shoes!
  • Umbrellas – If you want a winter wedding, you need to prepare for winter weather. Have umbrellas handy for you and your partner. With a little planning, you can find the perfect, romantic umbrella for great photos. There’s nothing wrong with an umbrella in wedding photos, as long as you are deliberate. Props add character and personality. 
  • Inform Your Guests – Finally, if you plan on having outdoor activities and photos, let your guests know ahead of time so that they can plan their outfits and footwear accordingly. 

Winter Wedding Photography

Make sure you hire a local wedding photographer who understands how to work with the winter lighting and the glare from the snow. We work with exceptional local wedding photographers in Boulder. They are familiar with our venue and surroundings and can choreograph and stage beautiful winter wedding photos. 

Winter Wedding Décor

We also work with amazing wedding rental companies who can help you decorate our wedding venue to look as magical on the inside as the winter wonderland features on the outside. 

Book Boulder Wedding Venue For a Winter Wedding

We’ve got the winter wedding venue in Boulder with the scenery to create your dream wedding any time of year. If you want to hear more about what Rembrandt Yard has to offer and book your Boulder wedding venue, get in contact and schedule and tour.