In Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery & Event Center


Life is a series of celebrations and events, but all of those events have been put on hold over the past year. While the future is looking bright, recent events have already shaped how we plan special events in 2021. One trend is being applied to every type of event, from weddings, to anniversaries, to work events, and that is to turn your celebrations into a micro event.

What is a Micro Event?

The essence of a micro event is to keep the guest list small and make everything else grand. The location is key to making micro celebrations feel like a special celebration, even if you can’t invite everyone you’ve ever met. There are plenty of reasons to splurge on a special event venue. In fact, with limited guest lists, you shouldn’t have to compromise on anything else.

Dessert Table

Smaller events mean more attention to detail.

Micro Celebrations Should be Big in Personality, Small in Attendance

Rembrandt Yard is a beautiful venue that will allow you to really build out your vision and add all the elements you want. Make the event an experience. Depending on your celebration, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or work event, you can take advantage of the venue and move guests from room to room as the event progresses. You can also extend the length of your event, making it an all-day extravaganza from breakfast to dancing under the stars.

Planning small events isn’t about making everything small; it is actually about making everything more grand and elaborate. With a small guest list, you also have an opportunity to personalize elements, making this a shared celebration.

Elevate Decorative Details

You can add a lot more detail to an event with a small guest list. Put more effort into the decorations and the setup. Find a venue that is stunning, but also allows you to create intimacy. The way you arrange your seating, the decorations, and the lighting can help you set the right tone and ambiance.

One of the things that makes Rembrandt Yard unique is our art gallery element. Every room already has plenty of personality and beautiful traits. Our venue can’t be replicated, and the photo opportunities are truly one-of-a-kind. Add your own decorative touches to match your theme and celebration to complete your vision.

Micro Celebrations

Make it an all-day affair, starting with breakfast and ending with dancing under the stars. Photo Credit: Ashley Tiedgen Photography

Take advantage of our multiple rooms and locations here at Rembrandt Yard. Set up an area for cocktails and mingling, move to the next room for a sit-down dinner before heading to the dance room. Create fun interactive elements like having a guest book or a photo memory wall in honor of the person you are celebrating.

There is also plenty of space for work events to break up into micro-groups and socially distanced presentations. We also have enough rooms to set aside space to be productive and professional before moving to a more fancy and fun “after work” atmosphere with dinner and drinks.

Expand Your Menu

One of the current wedding trends is to bump up your menu with your dishes, elevate your food choices, and more. This means more elaborate desserts, like a whole dessert station, chocolate fountains, mini cupcakes, and other options. The host can spend more on quality wine, liquor, beer, and champagne. It also means they can up their budget for a professional photographer and videographer for beautiful photos. The photographer is really the key to micro celebrations. There will be plenty of people who had to be left off the guest list. The better you can capture your event, the more you’ll be able to share it with everyone you love.

Rembrandt Yard is an all-purpose venue. We host events from the smallest and simplest of celebrations to the most elaborate and over-the-top affairs.