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Art Can Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Seasons change, feelings change. Why wouldn’t your home interior decor need to change too?

Every new season has its signature look. You know, winter is cool and crisp, spring is floral and fresh, summer is vibrant, and autumn is cozy and warm. We go from peppermint hot chocolate to cucumber water to watermelon mojitos to pumpkin spice lattes, all in 12 months but somehow, our home decor can stay the same for years.

Every now and then, a new look for your home is in order, and when the season is changing, it seems like the perfect opportunity. You don’t need to tear down a wall to freshen things up around the house. Sometimes, it is the most subtle things, like changing the artwork, that can make a huge difference.

Beautiful living room with artwork on the wall

Build Your Collection

Buying new art every year is the best way to build a collection slowly. Taste in art is subjective. Just make sure you buy pieces you love, and that can bring some life into whichever room you decide to place them.

Keep Your Art on Rotation

To avoid keeping your home looking the same for ages, moving art around in your home is a great strategy. Each piece will add a special touch to each room, creating a completely new look.

Decorating with art

Art is a Good Investment

Art will undoubtedly contribute to your home aesthetics, but that’s not all. Art is a worthy investment for many other reasons. Every piece of art is unique and comes with a story. Also, buying art means you support and believe in that artist’s work, and that will keep the art alive.

Buy Local!

Many places will let you take the piece home and try it out to see how you like it. Local artists Madeline Norton, Mary Lee Hill + Cindi Yaklich are some of our favorites.

Give Your Home a Fresh New LookFind the best artwork in Boulder and redo your home decor this season!