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No matter how casual and easy going you want your wedding to be, you need to assign a Master of Ceremonies. The title may seem formal and old-fashioned, but having a person who will make sure that the wedding runs smoothly, from guests arriving, to the ceremony, to the reception will make your special day much more enjoyable. But, an MC shouldn’t be just anybody. There are criteria that go into choosing the right person to MC your wedding.

MC vs. Wedding Planner

Choosing the right person to MC yoru wedding

An MC will keep the program moving forward!

We’ve all seen The Wedding Planner. Unfortunately, we can’t all afford J-Lo to come and run our wedding, even if she was willing. The main difference between having a wedding planner or choosing an MC is that a wedding planner is going to cost money. If you’re trying to save big on your wedding budget, choose a friend or family member to be the MC of your wedding. But, choose wisely.

Duties of an MC

The MC is the person who will make sure that all of the details of your wedding go off without a hitch. They are like a cruise director, making sure you know when each activity is taking place so that you or your guests don’t miss out on special moments. The MC will make sure that your guests get from the pre-ceremony champagne to the ceremony, to the reception. That guests find their tables, know when to give speeches, and that they are present for the first dance, the cutting of the cake, throwing the bouquet, and the final send-off of the couple. They will also keep track of servers, staff, photographers, and other vendors needed on the day of your wedding.

Choosing an MC

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An MC will handle all the practicalities on your wedding day, so you can bask in the love of your spouse.

First of all, don’t let the title of “Master” fool you into only looking at the men in your wedding. Historically, Master implies that the person should be male. But, time’s up on that, and your Master of Ceremonies can be male, female, or a third gender. Don’t look at the person’s gender, but at their personality when choosing an MC.

Personality Traits of a Great MC

An MC needs to be reliable, organized, outgoing, calm, funny, and most importantly, sober. An MC is going to have responsibilities, so make sure the person you choose is reliable and doesn’t disappear halfway through the wedding. The whole point of an MC is to relieve you of having to deal with anything practical. If you have to run around looking for your MC all night, they’re not right for the job. You also want them to be organized so that they can keep track of all the little details that will make your wedding run smoothly. Having a great personality is also a key element of your MC. You don’t want your MC barking orders or stressing out on your guests. Choose someone who will inform and instruct your guests in a calm and humorous fashion. And, last, make sure it is a person who can hold their liquor. Or, better yet, doesn’t drink at all. Because we all know that a few too many glasses of bubbles will send organization and reliability straight out the door.

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