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Gift Ideas to Express Gratitude to Your Family and Wedding Party

Wedding guest lists are usually long. Naturally, you are grateful to see all those who accepted your invitation and decided to share the best day of your life with you. However, your wedding day wouldn’t be complete without your family and your wedding party. They hold a special place in your heart.

Finding inspiration to come up with the perfect gift for your wedding party and family members is not always easy. Especially when you have so many other things on your mind. We’ve put together a list that we hope serves as a good source of inspiration for wedding thank you gifts.

customized wedding thank you giftsCustomize It!

Anything customized shows you care. It seems personal and meaningful. Taking the time to create something unique for someone shows you know them and genuinely appreciate them. You can monogram a compact or customize a piece of jewelry for the special ladies or some cufflinks or a watch for the men.

Use a Photo

Photos are always great gifts. Find a unique picture of them at your wedding and frame it for them. Or even better, customize a pop socket with it. Since everyone has their phone in hand these days, why not bedazzle it with a cool photo from the big day? They even have customizable pop wallets that stick to the back of your phone. Super useful and unique!

Pass It Down

Family heirlooms are some of the most meaningful gifts you can ever give. If you’re looking for a nice gift for your mom, find something beautiful that belonged to grandma and have the stone reset to give to mom! Her heart will be full.

Go for Something Nostalgic

Sometimes, it is hard to get creative with the gifts for those friends you’ve known for years. Finding something that feels nostalgic to back when you knew each other is a great idea. If you went to college together, maybe get a sweatshirt from back then, or you made a great trip together, go for something that reminds you of that awesome experience. Anything that will take you back to those special moments will make a great gift.


Making your loved ones feel special and loved is essential, especially when they’ve been there for you in crucial moments of your life, like your wedding. What else do you think would a great wedding thank you gift?