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A bar or bat mitzvah is a huge celebration marking the entry into adulthood. These events are always fun for everyone involved. Since your 13-year-old only gets to enjoy this massive celebration once in their lifetime, there are a lot of details that need to be sorted out to ensure that it will be an event to remember. Here is an ultimate checklist for ensuring your bar/bat mitzvah is a success.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Venue

You need an event venue that has plenty of space for the Hora dance!

The Big Items

  1. The Venue: Arguably the most important item on this list, selecting the perfect bar/bat mitzvah event space will make the party an unforgettable one.
  2. Food and Drinks: The quality of food and drinks available at an event will impress your guests and keep them happy. Make sure you choose a Boulder event space with plenty of vendor options.
  3. Music: A bar/bat mitzvah event space should have plenty of room to dance the Hora. To motivate everyone to get out on the dancefloor, a DJ booth or a live band will help keep the energy levels up.

The Details

  1. A Photographer: Don’t let any memorable moment be forgotten. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure that the most precious of moments are captured on camera and that you can safely put your cell phone away knowing that someone is capturing every special moment.
  2. Decorations: After selecting a bar/bat mitzvah event space, you’ll want to come up with a vibrant theme and start looking for matching decorations.
  3. Gift Table: This one doesn’t need an explanation. No doubt, the person being celebrated is going to be receiving many, many gifts. It’s important to have a table with free space to show off all the presents. The gift table should be located near the entrance so that guests can quickly drop off their presents as they arrive.
  4. Guest Accommodations: If you have many guests coming from out of town, providing them with options for where they can stay will save them from stress. Choosing a local Boulder event space means there will be plenty of accommodation options nearby with plenty of transportation options.

If you need a versatile Boulder event space, check out Rembrandt Yard to see how we can help you throw the ultimate bar/bat mitzvah.