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How to Plan a Successful Office Holiday Party

Can somebody explain what happened? A moment ago, it was January. Then we blinked, and suddenly it’s July, and it seems like we’re just another blink away from December!

December is such an anticipated time of year, but it ends rather quickly. It seems only fitting to start planning holiday activities with plenty of time to spare, so you can kick back and relax when the time comes, instead of having to spend your precious holiday time running around, trying to get things done. Not only does this apply to holiday shopping and family gatherings, but it also fits in perfectly with office holiday activities, as well.

A company holiday party is a great way to thank your employees for all their hard work throughout the year. They put in so much time and effort into helping you reach your company’s goals, so taking time to celebrate them shows you care. It’s also a perfect way to end the year on a happy note and create a space where your collaborators can let loose, have fun, and connect in a different setting.

Here are some tips to help you plan a great company holiday party.

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Don’t Cheap Out!

Do you know that feeling you get when you participate in a secret Santa gift exchange, and you put in a lot of effort trying to find the perfect gift for the other person, but all you get from your secret Santa is a potato peeler? If you cheap out when planning your company holiday party, that’s the feeling your team will experiment.

Keep in mind that you’re throwing this party as a thank you to your employees. It’s about quality, not quantity. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, but it should be in keeping with your company’s identity. Find a nice venue, serve good food and drinks, play great music, and promote an environment where everyone can have a good time.

Carefully Select the Best Day for It

Can you picture everyone opening their invitations and realizing the party is on a Tuesday? 😐 If you’re already investing in celebrating your team’s great work, wouldn’t it be best to schedule the party so they can enjoy every moment and not worry about going back to work the next day? Plus, no one’s going to be at their best at 8 the following day, if they stayed up late partying the night before. Consider having it on a Friday or maybe even a Saturday so everyone can relax and have a good time.

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Let Things Flow Naturally

Even though a lot of time and effort go into planning a company party, don’t take it personally if some people decide not to go. Avoid pressuring people to attend. Just be sure to thank them and wish them happy holidays.

At the event, having a busy agenda full of activities is ok but avoid forcing people to take part in the activities. Post the schedule somewhere everyone can see, so they’ll know what will happen and can find the activities they like the best.

Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery and Event Center

A beautiful venue sets the tone for your company holiday party

Consider Allowing a +1

The company asks a lot out of their employees, which directly impacts the time they have to spend with their significant others. Allowing them to bring a guest —or two— is a great way to show you are not only thankful for your employee but thankful to their family and friends, supporting them in their professional career.


Beyond finding a venue that fits the needs of your Boulder business, hiring a great caterer, or planning a bunch of activities for your company holiday party, expressing genuine appreciation for your employees is what matters most.