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Tips for Freshening Up Your Home with Art

Is your home décor lacking a little excitement? The season is changing, which seems appropriate for changing things around the house, too. Doesn’t it? Maybe it’s time to give your décor a new spin and bring some life into your favorite rooms.

The way you approach interior design for your home is to reflect your personality. Personalities evolve, so why would your décor stay the same for a decade? There are many things you can do to bring some pizazz into your home, like a fresh coat of paint to an entire home renovation. But you can also get exceptional results without being too extreme.

Investing in artwork will help you brighten up your home and update your interior design.

Use Large Wall Art to Create a Focal Point

Extensive art pieces can be a little intimidating, but they can make an excellent addition to many areas of the house, from your living or dining room to your bedroom. Adding a large framed painting or other types of artwork to a wall of your choice will not only create an eye-catching focal point, but it will also help tie the room together. You can choose to match it to your current décor or find something that creates some contrast to make the space even more enjoyable.

Choosing the size of your artwork

Create a Gallery Wall

Rotating your artwork is part of freshening up your home décor. However, sometimes that means that some of the art pieces you might love haven’t seen the light of day in quite a while. A gallery wall is a great way to use existing artwork and mixing them with new pieces. Start by checking your current art inventory and determine which options you’d like to use. That will help you get a better idea of the type of new artwork you’ll need to look for to create an amazing-looking gallery that will make any room of your house pop. You can add an extra wow factor by getting creative with the frames you use.

Bring Life to the Wall Behind Your Couch

Usually, behind a couch, there is a blank wall. If that is the case for you, then artwork is the solution. You can get very creative with the type of artwork and frames you choose. You could go for a large canvas, a multi-panel art piece, or various small canvases that complement each other. This last option will allow you to play with the placement to add some impact. In the end, you will have created an inspiring space behind your couch. Much more exciting and appealing than a blank wall.

Beautiful living room with artwork on the wall