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Even the best-laid wedding plans come with a fair amount of stress. Including kids and pets in your wedding can be a delicate process. However, with patience, preparation, and a plan-b, you can have your dream wedding, including flower girls and boys and four-legged ring-bearers.

Preparing for Kids and Pets in Your Wedding

There is a long tradition of a perfectly dressed flower girl or boy walking down the aisles, eliciting oohs and ahhs and proud teary-eyed parents. With pets being treated as equal family members, recent trends have seen more and more four-legged and furry kids bouncing and strutting down the aisle.

Giving pets and kids a role in your wedding will be an unforgettable memory. Make sure it’s a fun and happy memory by planning and preparing accordingly, both emotionally, mentally, and logistically.

Logistical Preparation for Kids and Pets in a Wedding

Kids and pets in your wedding

Including kids and pets requires a bit of extra planning and a lot of extra patience, but the result are worth it!
Photographer: Jessica Christie Photography

While you don’t want to give kids and pets full creative control over their role in the wedding, include everyone in the planning.

Hopefully, all of your wedding plans go off without a hitch. Hire a few babysitters and create some fun spaces for kids to be kids when they have finished. It’s nice to involve everyone, but plan for someone to take care of the kids afterward so that their parents can enjoy the rest of the wedding.

Both pets and kids should be allowed to do a practice run to familiarize themselves with the surroundings and ease any anxiety they may feel.

Have a lot of treats, both for kids and pets. It’s your wedding. If a few delicious bribes make the kids and pets happy about being there, then so be it!

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