• Gusto – This is our payroll & time tracking app.
    • Download the app 
    • Complete on-boarding instructions via email 
    • Review clock-in & clock-out protocols
  •  Slack – This is the app that we use to communicate with one another. You will also find event information channels here.
    • Download the app
  • Phillips Hue – This is how we control the lighting in the venue
  • Nest – This is how we monitor the cameras & control the building temperature
  • I-9 Documentation
  • Keys
    • Elevator Key 
    • Key Fob for all exterior doors
    • Office Key
  • Uniform
    • Professional attire in neutral colors. Avoid bright colors. 
    • No patterns
    • Please avoid white at weddings
  • Important Links – all links that you need are here:


  • Unlocking and locking doors via keypad upfront
    • Command>Command> Yes> 5 digit code>Command>Command>Command>Yes>6>Unlock>7>Unlock>8>Unlock>9>Unlock>Back Arrow x2
  • Unlock north room door deadbolt
  • Open manager opening checklist
  • Learn where all cleaning supplies live
    • Glass Cleaner
    • Mop Chemicals
    • Magic Eraser (for Lounge Furniture)
  • Learn linen sizing
    • 5′ rounds get 120″ rounds
    • 3′ rounds get 120″ rounds OR 132″ rounds w/ sash
    • 6′ banquet get 90″ X 132″
    • 8′ banquet get 90″ x 156″
    • 3′ round short/4′ banquet get 108″ round
  • How to adjust temperature
    • Check in on the Nest App. The A/C should be turned on 4 hours prior to the caterer arrival, including the fans.
    • In the winter, ensure the heat is set comfortably (68-72 degrees), but use the re-warmers in North Room and Bridal Suite as needed.
  • Elevator Key – turning on and off
    • This must be done from the first floor. The key turned to the right is off, turned to the left (and upright) is on. Double check this at closing.
  • Lights on second floor
    • Entry lights are located under the keypad for unlocking the doors. Switch on the right is always on for exterior lighting.
    • Down the hallway in front of the restrooms are the west side lights. Sometimes you have to turn off and on, the lights don’t always “catch”.
      • If the issue persists, check the switches on the wall next to the large paintings (stair adjacent). These are occasionally flipped by our cleaner or the dimmers need turned all the way up, then adjusted back down to “catch” the lights.
    • Next to the shelving unit, behind the red painting on the west side of the backdoor is the fountain switch – this is always on unless you are cleaning.
    • On the east side of the backdoor is overhead lighting for the north area of the room (by the shelving and back door), there is also a dimmer switch on this east wall that controls lighting over the fountain.
      • The lights over the fountain should always be on and appropriately dimmed.
    • In the hallway leading to the kitchen are the east side switches – the horizontal switch is for the kitchen.
  • For events turn on:
    • Grand Entrance Lights (Check Batteries Upon Arrival)
    • Whiskey Lounge (East and West Switches)
    • Bathrooms
  • Hue lights on 3rd floor
    • These should always be on but if they are not, use the hue app and turn on all 3rd floor lights; set them to relax.
    • Turn on kitchen lights – east side of kitchen, bottom horizontal switches, switch near back door, switch next to sink
  • Stocking bathrooms
    • All items live in stock room. Occasionally we reorganize and move things, please triple check before noting we are out of items
      • Toilet paper – 3 back up rolls and 1 at least 1/2 full on
      • Paper towels – Full basket, one back up
      • Hand soap – Ensure it is filled to the top
  • Table storage
    • (15) 5′ rounds – 8 Round tables per table rack. Should be lined horizontally against the windows
    • (4) 8′ banquet tables – all facing the same direction, leaned neatly against the wall, closest to wall in storage area
    • (5) 6′ banquet tables – all facing the same direction, leaned neatly against the wall, closest to door in storage area
    • (1) 4′ banquet at front of 6′ banquets
    • (5) 3′ cocktail rounds w/ bases and stands – table tops neatly stacked next to 6′ tables, bases hung on wall and poles stacked neatly under bases
  • Trash policies
    • Compost: Compost bag over a clear liner
      • Food
      • Plant debris
    • Trash: Black bag in black can.
      • Try to avoid having trash can out on the floor or at the bar for guests (BEHIND the bar is ok)
    • Recycling: Clear bag only
      • Cans, plastic & glass bottles, cardboard boxes (dry)
      • Plastic bag CANNOT go in the recycling bin
      • Boxes must be broken down in recycling
    • Make sure there are always bags stocked under both kitchen sinks
  • Checking stairwells
    • Cigarette butts
    • Foliage
    • Trash/Debris
  • Put stanchions (sign holders) outside
    • 2nd floor, in front of mailbox (If the event is 3rd floor only, near front of second floor doors to avoid guests entering.)
    • Street level, in between elevator & stairs (Do not block buttons)
    • Put a sign in the elevator above the buttons guiding guests to correct floor
    • Smaller stanchion on 3rd floor inviting guests in if event starts on 3rd floor
  • Use glass cleaner and spot clean all interior windows. Double check dance floor & atrium.
  • Open iPad (1301)
    • During down time (getting ready, guests arriving), use Rosetta Hall playlists in Apple Music (Daytime/Nighttime)
    • If the client is using our system, they will use a Spotify playlist. This can be found in their website and will open in the Spotify app when clicked on.
    • 3rd floor – controls all music on both levels. Please pay attention to labels and use as needed.
  • Microphones – If guests are using our microphones, we have two. The receivers need to be turned on for each one, and the channel needs to match what is displayed on the microphone. Turn it on and do a check to ensure the volume is set to the proper level. Turn if off and return to case until it is time for use. Please ensure there are CHARGED back-up batteries in the mic case for an event.
  • Websites
    • You will be sent the wedding website the morning of the event. Please go over event details and come with any questions that you may have.
    • The timeline will have any special notes to be aware of throughout the event


  • Holding room: There will be a note under the floor plan on the website about whether or not the holding room will be used. If Rembrandt Yard is coordinating, you will be responsible for assisting in packing and storing these items. Otherwise, the planner/coordinator is responsible for this detail. At Corporate events, the main point of contact/day-of will be in charge of this.
    • Only non-perishable items are allowed in the holding room (no food or cake)
    • Everything needs to be neatly packed in boxes or containers
    • Please supervise the office being loaded to ensure care taken of our property
    • Only UNOPENED cases of beer, bottles of wine, and bottles of liquor can be returned. No single cans or used product. If there is open product please put with other holding room items unless otherwise specified by client or on event webpage. 
  • Caterer Checklist
    • Please walk through this list with the catering captain and check their work even if they have already submitted it. They can always submit a secondary checklist if many items were missed.
    • Double check the trash outside to ensure it was properly sorted
      • Biggest missed: Plastic bags in recycling or any bags in compost
      • Boxes not broken down
    • Check that the kitchen was carefully detailed by the catering team (swept, mopped, counters wiped, sinks clear.
    • If damages occurred during the event by the catering team, please document it and include as many details as possible.
    • If any incidents occurred, please document it and include as many details as possible, including the severity.
    • If anything ever feels too much for you to handle, always feel free to call Lianne or Morgan. We are here to help and support.
    • Ensure ice machine gets some ice chipped away so it can continue to produce overnight.
    • Ensure lights in ice machine room are off
  • Double check both front and back doors of first floor
  • Turn off all lights
  • Clean up lounge furniture
    • Use Magic erasers if there are spills or dirty footprints, etc.
    • Push it neatly together if has traveled throughout the event
    • Return to it’s original positions at end of night if staged elsewhere for event (U shape w/ square ottoman on East side 2nd floor. L shape in bar room)
  • Bring in stanchions
  • Check rentals are neatly and cleanly stacked in kitchen
  • Perimeter check
    • Front garden area
    • Elevator
    • 1st floor stairwells
    • Front Balconies
    • Back Balconies
  • Be SURE the ice key is returned by the caterer and stored in the office.
  • Check bathrooms, champagne suite, and whiskey lounge for glassware, leftovers, etc.
  • Caterers should still be present at this point. Glassware is their responsibility.
  • Microphones & receivers off
  • Ensure the office is locked.
  • Turn the elevator off and give the button a test push.
  • Check back staircase for cleanliness & head out.


In case of:

  • Harassment
  • Theft
  • Illegal Activity
  • Injury
  • Damage
  • Transient Activity
Boulder Police Non-Emergency Line: 303-441-3333 ext. 8 
Fill out incident report:

In case of:

  • Fire
  • Need for Medical Attention
  • Danger

Call 911

*If a fire occurs, please assist in evacuating guests calmly to the courthouse parking lot across the street.

Guide guests to either north and south stairwells, DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR in the case of a fire.

Fill out incident report:

What are the top 3 wedding venues in the world? How do we make a better product than they do?

All salaried employees will be given a work laptop and set up with a work email. You will be expected to handle all Rembrandt property with care and respect.



Please submit all bills via the Bills Tab in Airtable. Hold your phone vertically while taking a photo of the bill and add it to Airtable directly. Please make sure to fill out all information. If the vendor isn’t already a company in our database, please add them.



Airtable is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases. It is a transformative tool to organize and create data for all aspects of the business. Rembrandt uses Airtable daily to create reports, organize and schedule events, create contracts, and much more.


Honeybook is a customer-relationship-management tool that Rembrandt is transitioning out of. We are currently exporting all data and systems into Airtable. This will allow us to have all information in a centralized database. Honeybook is currently used for
  • Communicating with all clients and vendors
  • Drawing up event contracts for clients
  • Manage projects
  • Send invoices and handle payments



  1. Inquiry: Inquiries are submitted through our website and go directly into the Events Tab in Airtable under Sales. As we begin to consolidate inquiry methods, some inquiries are still coming through: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Here Comes the Guide, Eventechtique, and Zola. Our goal is moving all inquiry methods solely over to Airtable.
  2. Bidding/Waiting
  3. Tour
  4. Followup
  5. Book!